Do Better Work: Build an Effective Training Program

At Lessonly, it’s our mission to help people do better work so they can live better lives. Our Better Work Method (and the accompanying Better Work Assessment) examines the six essential steps of building a high-performing training program. This blog series offers an inside look at each step and how the Lessonly team applies each one to do better work.

Meet Nicole. She works on the Lessonly Services team. Every day, Nicole helps our customers transform their outdated PowerPoint presentations, lengthy documents, and routine emails into streamlined, effective training that enables their teams to do better work.

We know how daunting it can be to transfer endless amounts of information into easy-to-digest training. Here at Lessonly, we have plenty of experience building training content that takes performance to the next level. That’s why one of the six steps of our Better Work Method is Build. Here are three tips that any organization can take to quickly and effortlessly build training content that their employees love.

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Engage learners with bite-sized content

First and foremost, training should actually help your team do better work. Instead of handing every employee a binder full of information, focus on building a training program that’s engaging and effective. The most practical training programs focus on only the most essential ideas and break-up large pieces of information into smaller, bite-sized chunks of learning. This format results in 50% more engagement as it’s easier for employees to digest, understand, and retain information.

If you ask any Lessonly team member about our training, they’ll tell you it’s simple, easy to understand, and quick to complete. While we have a lot of information to learn, we break it down into manageable portions so it isn’t overwhelming. While every team member receives the same company-wide training, we also receive custom learning paths that are built to help each of us succeed. Job-specific training makes us more engaged in learning, effective at our jobs, and productive in the long-run.

Tip: Documents, emails, and lectures are ineffective learning methods for the modern employee. With Lessonly’s online training software, create streamlined lessons that can be easily completed in 15 minutes.

Create and update high-priority content—often

Training plays a pivotal role in keeping pace with the speed of business. As products, features, and promotions quickly evolve, it’s important to deliver training that supports these changes. The ability to quickly launch content—and change it instantly at scale—maximizes training impact. It’s important to build a training program that promotes rapid content turnaround.

We work hard to launch new Lessonly products and features every month to help our customers do better work. But that means our enablement content must change quickly too. Instead of sending out a mass email to every employee, our product team creates or edits training content that we can review as needed. This makes Lessonly the primary source of truth in our company and keeps us all on the same page.

Tip: Training content needs intentional care. Once you assess and plan your team’s training program, build and launch high-priority content within a month—if not sooner. Then, as your team creates more training, set a cadence for reviewing and updating the lesson or information; We suggest revisiting at least once a quarter.

Collaborate with team members

The best work happens when it’s a team effort—and training is no exception. In order to successfully build an effective training program, it’s important to collaborate with other trainers, managers, and subject matter experts. This process of democratized learning taps into the knowledge and skills a team already possesses in order to develop training materials. The benefits of working with other team members to build content are two-fold. First, content is more likely to be created and updated on a consistent basis. Additionally, this process fosters employee engagement and learning as they play a larger role in the training process.

Our driven and talented team members are the heart of Lessonly—that’s why we promote democratized learning. Recently, our Director of Sales Enablement decided it was time to update existing training content about negotiation. He turned to one of our account executives and subject matter experts, Mike, to update the lesson and share best practices with the rest of the team. We’ve found that this type of team learning makes all of us better and results in better work across the company.

Tip: Be sure to identify and involve key team members before the building process. They may be able to provide key insights and feedback into how your training program could be more effective.

Build a better learning experience with Lessonly

Forward-thinking companies around the world use Lessonly to build effective training programs that ensure tangible business outcomes. Our Better Work Assessment provides the framework needed to capture and distribute the knowledge and skills needed for high performance. Take a tour today.

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