Erase the Facade and Save Time Recruiting

How much has your organization spent on recruiting and retaining talent in the last year? How successful were those measures in decreasing turnover and increasing productivity and efficiency?

There’s a good chance you have invested significant funds into blinking marquees and outside-the-box benefits (doggy daycare anyone?). These are great tools for attracting the right talent but they aren’t the right tools for retaining that talent. The culture of your organization – not your wage scale or the fact that you grant bereavement pay for a third cousin’s grandma’s dog – is entirely responsible for your turnover rate. And the quality of your product. And your bottom line.

The Secret: A Positive Culture

A positive culture doesn’t create itself – it requires careful thought, planning, and follow through. Because “culture” refers to the whole, every employee must reflect the core values of the organization. It requires teaching.

So before you install a wet bar in the break room, follow the tips below. They’re easier on the books.

  • Hire great people. Only hire employees who share your core values and love doing what they do. Make no exceptions.
  • Be humble. Be willing to learn from every employee at every level. Acknowledge the valuable role each employee plays in the success of the organization. Own your weaknesses.
  • Be encouraging. Work to grow successful employees. Coach, encourage, uplift, and reward them. Believe in their ability to improve and succeed.
  • Be respectful. Never gossip about the employees who are working to bring you success. Never share an employee’s personal struggles for entertainment. Administer compliments in public and criticism in private.
  • Be nice. Smile and greet everyone genuinely without exception. Acknowledge bad days and personal struggles.
  • Be open. Seek input from employees before making decisions that affect their workflow.  Entertain suggestions brought by staff and take concerns seriously.
  • Be motivating. Challenge employees to push harder, do more, and grow in their roles. Reward ability, attitude, and aptitude.
  • Be human. Apologize when appropriate, relate to your staff, laugh often, and show empathy.

Becoming a great company to work for is an investment in your own future. When employees love their job, they talk about it. When candidates hear about an awesome place to work, they fight to get in and stay in. And when employees fight to work for you, recruitment and retention just happen.

Teach all your new employees about your culture here.

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