Customer Support Training Calendar

A complete training calendar template to ensure that your customer support training is consistent from January to December.

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Your Customer Support Training Calendar Template

Training is a critical part in making your employees better. Individual increases in employee skill and productivity can have huge impacts on your company’s revenue, but these increases don’t just come from educational software. Employee development and engagement like this is key to companies that continue to grow and increase business. Nowhere are skills more directly applicable than on your customer support team. With this free resource, we have provided you with a complete training calendar template to ensure that your customer support training is consistent from January to December.

The fact of the matter is, building a training schedule template is only as good as the content you have to fill it with. Here for you, we have laid out four training topics for your customer support team to focus on. This training calendar pairs perfectly with an online training software like Lessonly, but also provides training topics and activities to develop skills away from elearning software as well.

On this training calendar template’s schedule, each focus should sustain throughout a quarter of your year. Everything including customer personas, product marketing, software training, and soft skill training is covered within our training calendar. Online tutorials and FAQ sections aren’t enough to solve every question that customers can come across. The topics within this customer support training calendar are meant to emphasize the things that your customer experience team needs to know to provide the best service possible.

In a world where Net Promoter Score reigns supreme at the ROI metric for customer support, this customer service training schedule can help. Use this calendar on its own or in tandem with a training software to easily track your customer support team’s growth in knowledge. These quarter-length topics shouldn’t occupy every minute of their day, but through a web-based training software like Lessonly, progress and learning can be tracked through assignable Lessons that your customer support team can take whenever they have the time.

Lessonly becomes a personal education website where all the training content is specific to your employees and company. This resource walks you through how to crowdsource training content to create a learning experience that is uniquely familiar to your team. Training management through crowdsourcing like this reduces the stress on the project owner to create all the Lessons. For inspiration or direct training content, searching “customer service soft skills” and borrowing any online tutorials you come across is a good place to start. There is no need to reinvent the wheel for some of your content when training websites around the world have covered topics that are very relevant to your customer support team.

If you’re ready to start really focusing on developing your customer support team, download our training calendar template and make it your own. For the most efficiency, sign up for the Lessonly free trial. Pair this training template with 15 days of customizable and trackable Lessons and your calendar year of training will be off on the right foot.”