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Free Performance Improvement Plan Template

Give your employees the opportunity to succeed. Use this template to address job behaviors and areas for growth.

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Performance Improvement Plan

New employees don’t always respond to onboarding efforts as expected, nor do they necessarily always display the level of professionalism that comes with their position. When employers are not willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater, however, a performance improvement action plan offers an avenue to correcting bad behavior while fully holding the errant employee accountable for their success or failure in changing their poor work habits. A Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) maps out a performance improvement process by which the aberrant behavior is identified, addressed, and monitored to determine employee compliance. For instance, the template above can suggests choosing a time-based performance improvement plan guaranteed to place employees on notice that a change in behavior is expected.

Performance Improvement Plan Template

Once cave dwellers finished with their end of the bargain back in the day, it has made little sense in the intervening years to reinvent the wheel. That is true of a process improvement plan template as well. After all, that is why we have templates. When it comes to developing a PIP diagram for errant employees, a performance improvement plan template can guide the process, thus ensuring accountability, consistency, and fairness to all parties involved.

As shown in the performance development plan template above, performance improvement plan samples are readily available, which provide a ready benchmark on which to conduct PIP efforts within your organization. Just as not every employee will present the same types of problems in the workplace; neither will the same resolution always prove to be the optimum solution. With an array of samples available, however, finding a performance improvement plan example that will address the particular problem fairly is at the heart of the advantages afforded using an employee improvement plan form template. This option allows the flexibility of tailoring an individual performance review without having to reinvent the wheel every time you need to work with a struggling employee.

Whenever you are dealing with a problem employee that might lead to a termination notice, you want the process to be as fair and transparent as possible to avoid garnering legal actions based on your termination policies. Utilizing a performance improvement plan sample, gleaned from the PIP above, you remove the risk of seeming to treat one employee differently from another. Additionally, the time and effort it takes to craft an effective PIP is not inconsiderable, so it makes sense to draw the material you need from a performance improvement plan template word-friendly document.

Developing employee skills and abilities is an acknowledged role of management’s scope of responsibilities. Putting in the effort to right an employee’s troubled trajectory is absolutely part of the most valued managers’ repertoire as well.

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How to Write a PIP

Now that you have decided an employee problem needs addressing, the question of how to write a performance improvement plan comes to mind. This written record provides a clear roadmap concerning company expectations regarding worker performance. In turn, it also offers a clear path to success for the troubled employee without running the risk of miscommunication or misunderstanding. Towards that end, when you sit down to write a performance improvement plan, you should do so with an eye towards describing concrete problems and offering concrete solutions.

For instance, when it comes to writing a performance improvement plan, make sure that it addresses the following points:

  • Defines a performance issue
  • Establishes management’s expectations
  • Establishes timelines
  • Develop an action plan with tangible goals and objectives
  • Determine method of evaluation

Once written, review the Performance Improvement Plan with the errant employee and make sure that they understand each element of the performance improvement plan sample actions. Ensure that they understand that failure to meet the expectations, as outlined in the PIP, could lead to removal from their current responsibilities or even termination. If you are unsure as to how to proceed, please feel free to consult the sample performance improvement letter, or the array of performance improvement plan sample letters that are available on the above free demonstration.

Reasons for Writing PIP’s

The actions that might trigger the initiation of a Performance Improvement Plan are varied. That being said however, any deleterious action on the part of employees that affects the conduct of business is fair game when it comes to developing a PIP. Whether the staff member is underperforming, poorly performing, or merely phoning in their efforts in search of a paycheck, the detailed PIP will quickly put them on notice that their lack of performance has been noted.

As such, if your firm is in the business of selling products and services, and your newest sales associate is not performing up to snuff, it is easy to pull out a sales performance improvement plan example for the particular problem in question, and build a strong PIP framework by pulling from the sales performance improvement plan template.

While the above example centered on the sales industry, a broad range of performance issues can be standing in the path of an employee’s success. Oftentimes, poor social skills and unprofessional attitudes are the issues causing problems. While these are touchy topics to deal with, using a professionally developed PIP template provides a myriad of examples that can be used for disciplinary purposes. Indeed, you can draw from performance improvement plan sample attitude focused, or you can outline your conditions clearly with a performance improvement plan termination.

The Other Side of the Performance Improvement Plan

Nobody likes criticism, and the barbs that particularly sting are the ones levied by your supervisor when it might affect your ability to make money, eat, and pay your rent. The good news is that if you are called into your boss’ office and presented with a PIP, it means that they are willing to work with you on the issue. How you respond to a performance improvement plan can mean the difference between the unemployment line and thrive in your chosen field. As such, keeping your cool is at the heart of how to survive a performance improvement plan with your career intact.

Performance Improvement Plans in Healthcare

Nowhere is it more critical to adhere to established protocols than in the healthcare industry. As such, performance improvement plan templates for healthcare professionals are an important tool to guarantee compliance with a host of medical and administrative issues. A performance improvement plan in healthcare is an essential element of any overall hospital improvement plan. Guiding patient treatment means that all hospital employees are fully versed in all aspects of hospital policy, so the performance improvement process in healthcare is likely to remain at the front and center of health care news in the near future.

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