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Staff Training Software

Businesses have come to recognize the important role played by continued and ongoing staff training sessions, and they are paying more than just lip service to the importance of developing all types of staff training programs. Indeed, according to industry experts, businesses ponied up more than $160 billion dollars in 2013 to pay for an array of employee training programs including recruitment training, jobs training, manpower training, and much more. So ubiquitous are the training needs of just about every business that hopes to be around over the course of the next decade, the training and development industry is a booming field that has practically taken over human resources training parameters. As such, whether you are looking at restaurant staff training issues, or you manage a sales force that mans the phones for the bulk of the day, staff management training serves to improve employee performance while inculcating a sense of loyalty and higher employee morale.

The aforementioned impressive sum of $160 billion was paid out in the form of tuition reimbursements, offsite seminars, professional conferences, and an array of in-house seminars, meetings, and programs that are designed to improve employee performance. Not only does this lead to higher productivity and increased profits, but studies have proven that recruitment and employment costs are curtailed owing to fewer staff turnovers. Companies just like yours are learning how to operate in a leaner business environment, and that means training your employees to not only exceed your expectations of them, but exceed their own as well.

Difference between Training and Development

Much like a pair of gloves, staff training and development go hand-in-hand when it comes to grooming your employees to complete their daily tasks while positioning them to accept increased responsibilities moving forward within your organization. That being said, of course, there is a subtle difference between training and development programs. After all, having a right-handed glove does your left hand little good, and the goals of training and development are equally specialized. A quick purview of training and development articles will quickly point out the distinction.

At its most basic level, training is the process by which companies hone the skill set of new hires in order for the employee to perform the specific job for which they are hired. Development, on the other hand, refers more broadly to the subtle changes that enhanced education, mentoring, and ongoing professional development that serves to position employees for the leadership roles of tomorrow within your organization.

The importance of staff training and development cannot be overstated. What is the relationship between employee training and employee development? Employee training topics include such minutia of acquainting employees with internal company procedures, as well as familiarizing workers with the optimum workflow of their department. Training efforts, as compared to employment development ideas, tend to be designed to solve short-term problems that are affecting employee’s work performance. Conversely, methods of employee development are aimed at the long-range goal of building your next generation of company leaders.

A properly instituted training and development program ensures that all employees are up to speed in the ongoing functioning of their jobs while positioning them to accept more important tasks and responsibilities within your organization moving forward.

Employee Training Plan Template

When it comes to planning your training lessons, the last thing that you want to do is have to reinvent the wheel every time a new problem pops up. Furthermore, training does not lend itself to an ad hoc approach when looking to develop a staff training plan template because that approach fails to adequately provide follow-through to gauge the success of your training session. Luckily, with the availability of a training proposal template, you have a firm guideline on which to base your employment-training program.

Whether you need a training proposal template aimed at roughing out your study guide for your employees, or you need an employee transition plan template to document the continued efforts of an employee who is moving from one position to another, having a training proposal template at your fingertips provides ready access to the documentation you need. In addition, using a training project plan sample offers a level of consistency that you want to maintain whenever you are dealing with an employee faced with remedial training barriers.

Staff Meeting Games

One of the key elements of a successful learning program is having the information available to your employees in a variety of ways. While no two students necessarily learn in the same way and at the same speed, however, just about every scholar is more likely to absorb the information you are giving them if the information is delivered in an entertaining fashion. Towards that end, when you are casting about for staff training ideas, don’t be afraid to throw some fun staff training ideas into the mix as well.

More than just fun and laughs, staff training games and staff team building games provide a great outlet to encourage coworker interaction and serve as an awesome staff icebreaker. Also, the opportunity to spend valuable learning time with your workers outside the confines of the workplace is invaluable in building up a strong rapport with your staff that they are sure to bring back to their desks. When it comes to building a cohesive team inside the office, nothing works better than taking that staff out for summer camp staff training ideas that are guaranteed to make learning fun and meaningful for your employees.

Training activity ideas that take traditional lessons out of the classroom and into the real world are an ideal vehicle for instilling a sense of mission and camaraderie with your workers. Non-traditional staff training activities are a great way to train your employees in a fun and inviting atmosphere. When you break the traditional training mold, your learners will thank you.

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The Benefits of Staff Training Software

Have companies considered the cost of not using staff training software? What about the potential cost of an untrained employee? The possibilities are endless and range from lost sales, terrible customer experiences, or even a damaged branding image. Don’t take the risk. We know the benefits of employee training software are vast, so we created a list of a few compelling reasons companies should consider it.

Reduce the time needed to train employees

Thanks to staff training software, companies no longer need to take time away from HR reps or managers to train employees. The web-based training software can handle it, and employees don’t have to learn onsite, which allows them to focus on their daily duties from nine to five. Plus, with a top-notch staff training software like Lessonly’s easy to navigate user interface, companies can save hours.

Cut costs with staff training software

Web-based training software allows employees to learn from anywhere at any time. This means that companies don’t need to worry about travel-related expenses for training. Plus, once HR employees create the content, there is little to no additional costs for training.

Attract top talent with training software

Believe it or not, talented employees want opportunities to learn and grow. With staff training software, companies can promote company values, lifelong learning, and career development. The staff training software companies use shows outside talent that they’re serious about building exceptional employees.

Streamline the onboarding process with staff training software

One of the best benefits of online employee training and development is that companies can monitor progress. Managers can quickly draw insights where employees are struggling to grasp the material and promptly create more digestible content that’s easy to understand. Another clear advantage of staff training software is that companies can standardize their training processes. Every employee will get consistent information about a company’s products, culture, history, and more with training software.

Increase communication with online training software

Create a smooth channel of communication between employees and managers with staff training software. Managers can assign training courses, send messages and notifications, and much more. This established a more interactive and cohesive experience with employees. Training software also builds a sense of accountability between the manager and the employee. If companies want to create more cohesion among employees, training software is another important tool.

Provide a more fulfilling career and save financial resources

Every employee deserves the opportunity to expand and develop their professional skill set. Instead of hiring outside the company and more spending financial resources, why not train employees that already align with the company culture? Additionally, training software provides employees a chance to broaden their horizons, develop new talents, and experience a more fulfilling career. The bottom line? Investing in the future of employees with staff training software provides employees with a more enriched career that can lead to filling higher positions at a lower price.

Increase employee engagement and retention

Why does training software matter? Staff training software nearly guarantees that new hires will experience proper training. Employees are also 40% more likely to stay with a company for at least three years if they undergo adequate training. Since reducing turnover is essential for achieving a decent bottom line, acquiring new employees far outweighs retaining them.

There are many benefits and advantages of using staff training software for employee training and development, but everyone wins with quality training. Staff training software helps everyone Do Better Work, and that’s what truly matters here at Lessonly.