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Employee Monitoring Sofware

What is employee monitoring software?

Nearly every business, industry, and job title now revolves, in some shape or form, around the use of a computer. With the advancements of computer technology, including Internet connections, cloud networks, and an endless supply of programs, it is possible to do just about anything on a computer. Of course, this is also where a potential problem can come up. With the vast world of the Internet right at an employee’s fingertips, they can easily veer away from work and begin performing tasks that are more personal in nature instead of professional. 

The use of the Internet and other non-business related programs can cause a number of problems. First, it essentially is time theft. You’re not paying an employee to check Facebook, search Twitter, or look up food recipes. You’re paying them to work. And while you might have different regulations on what an employee can and cannot do on a work computer, it is important to keep your worker’s focused on their job. 

The second and often more serious issue is when an employee accesses their personal email, social media account, or surfs the Internet, it often opens up your network to external threats such as ransomware, spyware, and other damaging viruses. With the help of remote employee monitoring software, you can check in on employees and make sure they are doing what they are supposed to. 

Employee monitoring software is designed to monitor what someone is doing on their computer. There are a number of ways to monitor employee Internet usage with these programs. This includes everything from tracking websites visited to screen monitoring software titles that will actually save screenshots. Some titles may also record keystrokes.

In order to stay on top of your business, ensure employees are spending work hours on actual work, and to reduce the chance of external cyber threats infiltrating your networking, it is a good idea to invest in the best computer monitoring software available.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Monitoring Software

It is often in your company’s best interest to install remote PC monitoring software. Whether you decide to go with a free computer monitoring software or pay for an upgrade, there’s no shortage of available titles. However, before you dive into the world of employee productivity tracking software you need to know the advantages and disadvantages. 

The advantages are rather obvious. First, when you utilize activity monitor software you will make sure your employees are not doing what they know they shouldn’t be doing. In most instances, you should always let your employees know this kind of software is in place. By simply knowing their actions are being monitored they will become less likely to spend company time on personal activities. 

Another advantage is the improved network security of your office. With tracking software for PC or Mac you’ll prevent individuals from visiting their personal email accounts, which will cut down on the possibility of accidentally installing a virus or letting in other forms of malware. A single virus that worms its way into your network can bring the entire system down, siphon off customer financial records, and ultimately cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not force it to close altogether). 

Now, with that said, there are some major negatives associated with using PC performance monitoring software. First, if you don’t inform an employee of the software there may be some legal ramifications, as it might be seen as spying, sleuthing, or invasion of privacy (especially if you read through personal emails). Even though the employee should not be accessing this information during work hours, you don’t have the right to read their personal correspondence. So if you’re looking at how to monitor another computer without them knowing (as in your employees), you should only go behind their backs with the monitoring if you believe there is a theft taking place. 

To remain on the up and up and avoid an ethical dilemma, it is always best to let your employees know exactly what is going on and that there is remote desktop monitoring software installed. Of course, if you’re looking for computer monitoring software for parents, you don’t need to tell your child that you’re monitoring them. And in this case, you can typically use an Internet monitoring software free version to stay up on what your child is doing online.

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The Best Employee Computer Monitoring Software Features

When it comes to the best employee monitoring software 2019 has to offer, there are a number of both employee monitoring software free services and some upgraded pay options. For some of the more extensive features, you may find you need to pay for the upgraded titles. However, some pay-titles will allow you to test out the program with a computer monitoring software free full download trial. The trial period may last a few days or a few weeks, but it will give you an idea as to how comprehensive the title is. 

One feature to consider when looking at an undetectable computer monitoring software title is whether it offers real-time monitoring. In other words, can you log on and view what is happening right when it happens, or do you need to wait and download the information off of the computer later on? If you’re worried about the physical theft of information you’ll want the real-time feature. 

Keystroke logging is another one of the features. With this, you can see what someone is typing (or what they have typed. This kind of feature is beneficial, but also keep in mind it may give you passwords and user information to private accounts. If you plan on using this kind of open-source employee monitoring software you should let your employees know ahead of time. Otherwise, it may be seen as an invasion of privacy. 

You’re not always going to have time to use the best employee monitoring software 2018 and 2019 have to offer in real-time, which means you can’t watch your employees and their computer habits as it unfolds (you’re busy, after all). Due to this, you’ll want to find an undetectable computer monitoring software that offers screen snapshots. This way, you can check in later to see what the user did (or you’ll at least have it on record). 

Email access is one of the main ways malware finds its way onto a network. Due to this, you’ll want to read through different computer monitoring software reviews to see which titles provide email monitoring. This way, you can see what messages are being opened, what links are being clicked on, and what information is being sent out.

Monitor Employee Training with Lessonly

Employee training is of critical importance to your business. The better trained an employee is they easier their job will be, the more work they’ll get done and the better at their job they’ll become. If you use computer-based training you need to know whether employees are finishing their training. With Lessonly, you have access to this information. 

Unlike other computer monitoring software free full download titles or programs that offer a soft activity monitor full download, Lessonly makes it possible to track employees with their training. It doesn’t have some other traditional features of a remote PC monitoring software free or pay version, but with Lessonly you’ll always know whether lessons are being completed. 

So, if you want to stay up to date on what employees are doing with their online training and lessons, make sure to invest in Lessonly. It will help you ensure you have the best-trained employees possible. Get started with a demo today.