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15 Employee Engagement Ideas

Every company wants to attract and keep its best teammates. But sometimes, that’s easier said than done. It’s common for employees to feel uninspired, get bored, or simply move on to a new career after a few years on the job. This quick pace of turnover drains companies and teams and causes them to look for ways to engage their employees so they stick around longer.  

Employee Engagement Strategies

This is where employee engagement comes in. While the concept of engagement isn’t an exact science, the best employee engagement strategies focus on three key elements. 

  • Physical Connection: Employees exert high levels of energy to complete their work tasks.
  • Emotions: Team members have a strong involvement in their work and feel inspired and challenged in their roles.
  • Cognition: Employees focus on their job and tasks and become fully invested in their work. 

When employees are engaged on each of these levels, they achieve more and do better work. If you’re ready to see how to improve employee engagement read on for fifteen of our favorite employee engagement examples. 

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New Hire Employee Engagement Ideas

Create an unbelievable onboarding experience

Did you know nearly 70% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experience great onboarding? Building a strong onboarding program is the best way to welcome and engage new employees. An effective onboarding process immediately integrates new team members and gives them the tools they need to be successful. In fact, companies with standard onboarding programs experience 50% greater new hire productivity.

Celebrate their arrival

While it’s important to know information about the entire business, meeting people on their team is even more important. Roll out the red carpet for your new teammates with a card, their favorite candy, or even a cup of coffee waiting at their desk on the first morning. Then, set up meetings between them and other people within the company. Look for other ways to make them feel welcome with a team lunch, employee-wide announcement or other informal, employee event ideas.

Give them a buddy

A brand-new work environment can be intimidating, to say the least. To ensure new employees receive continued support and assistance, pair them with a buddy or mentor on their team. This person serves as a point person for the new employee to go to with simple questions. A buddy also streamlines the adjustment period and provides a friendly, familiar face. Giving new teammates a mentor also helps them get acquainted. This human connection makes a huge difference in engagement on an emotional level. 

Start them in a cohort

If possible, try to start new hires on the same day. This strategy breeds cooperation and competition. First, new hires will have the shared experience of the onboarding process, providing an opportunity for camaraderie and unity. They’ll also inspire one another to perform. If a new hire sees a fellow cohort member succeeding, they’ll feel inclined to work harder and match their performance.

Employee Engagement Activities for Remote Teams

Use chat programs

When it comes to remote workers, chat is a great tool to help keep the team engaged and connected with their coworkers. Whether you use Slack, Google Hangouts, or any other program, chat makes it easy to keep in touch with people in and out of the office. Here at Lessonly, we love using Slack and we have channels that are dedicated to certain teams, projects and interests to cultivate connection and fun.

Schedule video and virtual meetings

Engaged employees are also more likely to actively participate in team meetings. Remote work makes this harder as employees could be in different cities, states, or even countries. To make your team feel included and engaged, consider scheduling video or virtual meetings that still allow everyone to meet face-to-face. For example, every Monday we have an all-team meeting where we make major announcements, discuss business updates, and celebrate one another. We offer remote workers the ability to join the meeting via video conference so they can be part of the team, ask questions, and join in on team camaraderie.

Keep everyone on the same page

As with chat programs, technology makes it easier than ever to communicate and share ideas globally. While it’s easy to use Slack and video calls to engage with each other, transferring knowledge, important updates and news across different locations is more challenging. Using a tool like Lessonly ensures that every team member sees the same information at the same time.

Sales Employee Engagement Activities

Design a career path

The easiest way to get from one place to another is a map. The most successful employee engagement programs provide sales reps with a growth and development plan. This plan outlines key milestones and steps that sales development reps need to reach in order to get a raise, promotion, or additional incentive.

Reward reps for a job well done

The world of sales is a grind and keeping sales reps motivate and engaged year-round is no easy feat. Sales leaders should always think of new ways to motivate sales teams and keep them focused on closing deals. Whether you’re encouraging reps to close the quarter strong or kick off a new fiscal year, sales incentives are a great way to motivate reps and keep morale high. Consider cash vs. non-cash sales incentives for different milestones and set guidelines for a successful rewards program.

Focus on teamwork

It’s easy for sales eladers to take a top-down approach to their sales operations. When you couple that with the natural competive nature of sales, there’s bound to be isolation between among reps. To combat this and engage the entire team, plan recurring team building activities and offsites. Encourage participation by asking sales reps what type of activities they’re interested in and have them vote each quarter.

Consider training and coaching

Great sales leaders also encourage engagement with learning and development opportunities. Training and coaching should end after a sales reps’ initial onboarding days. Create ongoing sales enablement programs that feature weekly coaching sessions, peer-to-peer learning, and on-demand training.

Employee Engagement Ideas for Call Centers

Develop a long-term plan

High attrition has an enormous impact on call centers across the globe. With attrition averaging 30%, turnover is a leading source of stress for contact center leaders. Additionally, workers between ages 25 and 43 only stay on the job for 2.7 years, so it’s important to develop an engaging career path that tracks performance and offers progression. Call center employee engagement iniatives that feature advancement and promotion opportunities encourage growth and motivate reps to stay longer and work harder.

Deliver personalized coaching

Behind every winning call center team is a great coach. When contact center leaders invest deeply in the development of their reps, they’ll be more engaged and want to deliver amazing results. Instead of providing reps with one-and-done onboarding, create an ongoing training and coaching plan that develops the skills of every rep—even if they’re a high performer.

Tap into agents’ competitive spirit

Work can seem both boring and stressful when every day is the same. Call center managers have a great opportunity to improve their team’s performance with quick, fun office games. Call center fun activities and competitions can focus on team metrics, upsells, or survey scores.

Promote shared learning

Call center reps will feel more like a team when their ideas are shared and heard. Enable subject matter experts and interest team members to lead a meeting, create training materials, or plan a team offsite meeting. They’ll feel empowered and build different skills than those used in their daily tasks and responsibilities.

Improving employee engagement doesn’t have to be difficult and these ideas are a great starting point. See how Lessonly’s powerfully simple training software can help you improve employee engagement. Learn more and get a demo today.

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