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Employee Satisfaction Survey

A satisfied employee is more likely to create high value for a company and inspire their co-workers to do the same. The human element is a powerful yet often overlooked asset of businesses large and small. Those who get it right often have a sustainable competitive advantage that brings growth and innovation. An employee job satisfaction survey questionnaire can help you gauge how happy, engaged, and fulfilled your employees are. By asking the right questions, you can get valuable employee satisfaction survey results that will reveal your company’s strengths and areas to improve upon.

Some companies conduct an employee satisfaction survey results analysis once a year, while others get employee feedback twice a year or quarterly. The best approach depends on the nature of your business. If your company reorganizes teams often, for example, you might want to collect feedback more often.

Why are employee satisfaction surveys important?

An employee satisfaction survey report gives you an inside look into your company’s strengths and weaknesses through the eyes of your most valuable asset. Below are a few ways you can use your employee satisfaction survey answers to better your business.

  • Improve engagement. Asking employees for their feedback and making changes based on the results can help improve teamwork, drive, and effort throughout your organization. Employees who feel like their opinions matter are more likely to bring value to the table.
  • Boost productivity. Even if you think your operations are running smoothly, there may be underlying issues holding your employees back. Employee survey questions on work environment can reveal major and minor issues preventing your employees from performing their best work.
  • Improve company culture. Employee survey questions about culture can shed light on how well your company’s culture fits your employees’ goals and visions. While it may be impractical to completely restructure the vibe of your business, you can make small changes that can have a lasting impact down the road.
  • Encourage innovation. Innovation is one of the premier assets in a business. An employee satisfaction survey results report can give you ideas on how to improve various aspects of day-to-day operations that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. You’ll also learn how to improve employee satisfaction survey results in the future, helping you nourish and retain top performers who truly enjoy their jobs.
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10 Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions

A questionnaire on employee satisfaction in an organization should include key questions regarding how your employees view the company and their present and future role in it. For starters, you can find a free survey template online and adapt the questions to your business. For example, call center employee satisfaction survey questions would differ from a survey of employee job satisfaction in hospitals. Below is an employee engagement questionnaire sample with potential questions you might want to use.

  1. How valued do you feel at work?

Employees want to feel needed, appreciated, and impactful. Does their salary match their efforts and contributions? Are their achievements acknowledged? Does their input carry weight?

  1. How well do you feel that your skills are being utilized?

Employees with too few responsibilities may feel unrecognized and bored, while those with too many may feel overwhelmed and undervalued. Ideally, you want to present tasks that challenge employees, bring out their strengths, and help them learn and grow.

  1. How fulfilling do you find your work?

Employees who feel accomplished and fulfilled at work are invaluable assets to a company. Find out what you’re doing well and how you can help less enthusiastic employees reach a higher level of fulfillment.

  1. Are you happy with our company’s culture?

Company culture can be just as powerful of an incentive as a salary. Employees whose personalities and ethics match the company’s are more likely to succeed and help the company grow.

  1. Does our company offer sufficient opportunities for advancement?

Your job satisfaction survey results won’t be complete without knowing if your employees feel they can move up in the company

  1. Do you see yourself working here one year from now?

Satisfied employees are more likely to be loyal to your company. Find out if they want to stay with you or pursue other opportunities.

  1. How well do you feel our company lives up to its values?

A disconnect between a company’s purported values and its actual day-to-day operations can be jarring. Your employees can help shed light on potential issues and help your company live up to its creed.

  1. Does management help create a positive work environment?

Managers have an enormous impact on job satisfaction. They can empower or discourage employees, foster or hinder teamwork, and improve or dampen morale.

  1. Do you feel connected to your team members?

Teamwork and team bonding improve morale, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. No HR satisfaction survey would be complete without evaluating this element of connectedness.

  1. Would you recommend a friend to work here?

People naturally want to share positive experiences with friends, and high employee job satisfaction is sure to beget referrals. The opposite is also true and is something you’ll definitely want to address.

Employee training satisfaction with Lessonly

Lessonly offers powerful tools to help you train and gather satisfaction feedback from your employees. Much more than a customer survey template, Lessonly offers Insights into the effectiveness of employee training programs complete with HR satisfaction survey questions, qualitative metrics, and detailed reports on performance across specific lessons, paths, and groups. An easy-to-use dashboard displays team performance, areas for improvement, and lesson engagement, helping you make decisions to improve future results.

With Lessonly’s star rating system and detailed feedback, you can find out which programs are working, and which might need to be reworked or switched out. Detailed analytics gives you a macro and micro view of performance. Create a custom employee analysis report, export an employee engagement survey report to PDF, and gather key data points to use in an employee satisfaction survey results presentation. It all adds up to a streamlined way to gauge employee satisfaction, boost productivity, and enhance your employees’ experience on the job. Learn more and get a demo today.

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