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Customer Service Best Practices

To secure your place as a customer service leader in your industry, you must always abide by the best practices in this realm. Otherwise, you might fail to hit the mark, leaving your customers searching for better solutions than your company offers. Thankfully, with our e-learning platform at your fingertips, you can ensure your team knows customer service best practices inside and out — and uses them in their everyday tasks.

Definition of Good Customer Service

The definition of good customer service revolves around providing your clients with dedicated support as they navigate your company’s offerings. It also means going above and beyond your customers’ needs and expectations to make a lasting great impression.

With every interaction, quality service and support aim to elevate the customer experience and provide the support needed to move through the buyer’s journey. They can then make a purchase or stay loyal to your brand with the confidence they are making the best decisions possible for their needs.

With our help, the good customer service definition can shine through in everything your team does. Their quality customer service practices will quickly show your customers just how important they are to your brand. To get started, explore the customer service best practices, and then learn how we can help get your team onboard and ready to provide the best customer experience.

5 Best Practices for Delivering Good Customer Service

Customer service best practices can be broken down into actionable tactics that build loyalty to your brand. Your customers do not come to your team for just a product or service, after all. They are looking for a customer experience far beyond what your competitors offer — and it is possible to give it to them. You just have to ensure your team integrates the following techniques into their approach as they serve your valued customers.

Truly know and understand your customers

You can only provide good customer service if you truly understand your client base. You must know everything about their likes and dislikes, buying habits, and pain points to best understand the level of service they expect. Using this information, you can build your customer service standards to exceed those expectations at every turn.

To have this information on hand, turn to first, second, and third party data relevant to your target audience. Then, use the data to build buyer personas that clearly outline your customers’ preferences and habits through every phase of the buyer’s journey. A solid understanding of your customers will do far more than improving the quality of the customer service you provide; it will also aid in product development, marketing, and more.

Create effective customer service standards

To effectively use your data to personalize and improve the customer experience, you must draft a firm set of customer service standards for your team. These standards should outline just how to approach all interactions with the customer as they move through the buyer’s journey.

Once you have the standards in place, your employees can refer back to them to optimize their customer service tactics. They can then best represent your company and forge lasting connections that help maximize brand loyalty. You can also use the standards to create employee recognition rewards and create constructive performance reviews.

Keep customer effort to a minimum

Optimizing the customer experience starts with making sure that your prospective and current customers do not have to work hard to engage with your brand. Your team should do all they can to keep customer effort to a minimum by listening to problems and using critical thinking skills to find prompt resolutions.

Your team should also aim to pick up the slack wherever they can while serving your customers. They can accomplish this goal by completing the necessary next steps for the customer whenever possible. If they need to fill out a form to process their return, fill it in for them and let them know the problem should be resolved soon.

Always commit to going the extra mile

Although going the extra mile seems obvious, it is often missed by those who are not looking at the big picture. Customers do not want the bare minimum while making a purchase. They want to feel like their investment in your products and services comes with real value.

Before your team can go the extra mile, however, they need to set clear expectations for your valued customer base. They can then exceed those standards in every way possible to help customers feel like they always get their money’s worth from your brand.

Evolve your brand to meet customers’ needs

Things change fast in the business world, so you must think ahead to ensure your brand always supports your customers’ needs. A willingness to evolve your customer service techniques ensures your clients always receive what they want and need from your brand. They never have to turn their attention to your competitors to find a higher quality of service as a result.

With these tactics, you can make sure your team always provides good customer service that delights your client base.

Customer Service Skills Needed for Success

Even with a big book of customer service standards on hand, your team cannot adequately serve your clients without the right skills. Here are some examples of good customer service skills to look for when hiring and training your team.


Before your customer service agents can provide quality customer service, they must actively listen to the client’s concerns and identify their exact problem at hand. They should remain attentive and show their understanding with verbal confirmations without interrupting the flow of information.


As your team listens, they must imagine themselves in the customer’s shoes and see the problem from their perspective. Their ability to empathize will help the customers feel heard and see your agent as their partner in solving their dilemmas. Your team can then present the leading solutions that your company offers, confident in their ability to meet the customer’s needs.

Critical thinking

The information provided to the customer can only lead to suitable solutions when your team applies critical thinking skills to solving the problem. They must think through every aspect of the issue at hand and imagine how their proposed solutions will pan out. They must also use their knowledge of the customer to provide the level of support needed to strengthen brand loyalty.


Once they have an understanding of the issue and a solution in mind, your team must clearly communicate their intentions with the customer. They need to use their strong communication skills to reflect their expertise in solving similar issues in full. Otherwise, the customer may not fully get how the solutions will benefit them now and in the future.


Customer service best practices center around infusing positivity into every interaction with customers. This is especially important if your prospective and current clients come to you stressed and in need of immediate assistance. Through a positive approach, your team can calm customers and reduce their stress levels, helping them become more receptive to your company’s proposed solutions.

By helping your team have these skills on their side, you can provide good customer service that helps elevate the success of your brand.

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Examples of Good Customer Service

There is no shortage of eye-opening examples of good customer service, which is why it’s more important than ever to improve your approach. Brands all over the world — including your key competitors — are realizing the benefits of using best customer service tactics to serve their clients. You can stay ahead of the game by using these examples of quality customer service to optimize your options before your competitors do.


Whether you look online or in stores, examples of good customer service in retail is not hard to find. The leaders in this realm, Amazon and Walmart, for example, use their knowledge of the customer to provide access to all the greatest products in an instant and ship them faster than anyone else.

When problems arise, these entities apply their quality customer service approach to presenting a prompt solution that keeps customers happy and loyal to their brands. Amazon, for example, will provide a credit on the account for all deliveries made after the guaranteed date. No matter where you look, they have an abundance of examples of good customer service situations as a result.


Legendary customer service examples abound across the automotive field as well. Customers often come in stressed about their broken vehicle and the money they may soon pay to get it back on the road.

So, it takes the highest quality customer service to smooth things out and keep customers on track to resolving their problems with confidence. Small shops tend to do this best, as they spend the most time educating and calming the customer as needed to optimize the customer experience.

In providing excellent customer service examples, it is possible to help companies set the sights on improving their approach in every way.

Provide Quality Customer Service with Lessonly

As you use customer service best practices to create your company standards, your team can rely on those documents to help optimize the customer experience. They will likely need a little extra support in learning about customer service best practices and developing the right skillset for the job — and simple training software from Lessonly is here to help. Our customer service tips come in easy to understand lesson plans that are accessible from afar.

With our customer service solutions, your leads can easily present all the quality customer service training your team needs. You can trust that your team will learn from good and bad customer service examples to see where the best practices come in and why they succeed. Furthermore, through our presentation on customer service excellence, your team can start to see how they can utilize those tactics in serving your client base.

So, if you are ready for your team to learn how to provide good customer service and customer service trends 2019, get a demo of our customer service solutions. By the end of the demo, you will understand what is customer service to you — and see how to give your team the skills needed to provide the best service possible to all your valued clients.