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What is Knowledge Base Software?

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the ability of a company’s employees to easily access pertinent information has never been more critical. But, in many cases, a company can have loads of data spread out across multiple sources, turning knowledge management into a major hassle. 

Knowledge base software is a type of database that businesses can use to store and share information specific to their business across many different platforms. Knowledge base software gives employees access to any information they need to succeed within a company. Easy-to-use software can help your employees quickly access a company’s knowledge base, meaning employees can always keep up with company standards.

What Can Knowledge Base Software Do?

The best knowledge base software can revolutionize how a company stores its information and how employees can access helpful resources. Business publications like Forbes stress the importance of a company’s knowledge base software and providing quick and easy access to information at a moment’s notice. 

One of the more popular knowledge base examples used by many companies is Google Drive. Google knowledge base software is made to be easily accessible for anyone to use, allowing for easy sharing of information among a company’s employees. Any company can also use knowledge base software to manage a company’s new hire materials, allowing for easy onboarding and employee training. In addition, resources and tools (like Lessonly) enable businesses to create a consistent training model using knowledge base software.

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Why Companies Need Knowledge Management Software

There are plenty of reasons why any company should consider using knowledge management software. Here are just a few considerations:

Good for the company

Knowledge management software can provide various benefits for a company’s employees and as a whole. In the modern technology-driven world, companies often have a wide variety of different types of information to sort through. A company’s information can be challenging to sort through, especially when that company is pulling from many other documents and applications. Knowledge management software can help companies streamline this process, allowing employees to access important information at any time. 

Good for employees

Whether it’s a new hire or someone who’s been with a company for years, it can be hard at times to keep up with a constantly changing work environment. Not only can knowledge management software make information organization easy for a company, but it can also work as personal knowledge base software for any employee. 

Companies can create an environment where any employee can quickly answer any question about a company’s policy. An organized knowledge base website can foster an environment of collaboration and camaraderie among its employees. It can also help employees learn more about their own job, become more self-sufficient, and provide an easy way to improve and grow in their careers.

Internal Knowledge Base Software Features

When a business decides to jump into using internal knowledge base software, there are plenty of things to consider when choosing the best fit. The best internal knowledge base software can take many forms to fit a company’s specific needs, but there are a few features that companies should look for.

What makes an internal knowledge base software great?

First and foremost, internal knowledge base software should be easy for employees to use. Any company’s employees are sure to have varying expertise with technology, so new services should be intuitive for nearly anyone to use. When this type of software is paired with onboarding and ongoing training, it can also help deliver personalized and effective coaching. In return, this helps employees feel more invested in their position and get the most from your company database.

Features for a more organized company

Along with a system’s ease of use, a company should consider just what exactly their software can do. Systems like internal tagging and organization are a must, allowing companies to divvy up their information into easy-to-understand categories. 

Organization is an essential function of internal knowledge base software and can make life so much easier. Companies should also consider how their knowledge base software can work with other programs and applications. Integration into other work-related apps can allow a business to use their knowledge base better, allowing employees access at any stage of their workflow.

How to Choose the Right Knowledge Base Software

Choosing the best knowledge base software for your organization comes with plenty of different factors to consider. The best software for any company will differ based on its unique needs. Some of these factors, like ease-of-use and intuitiveness, make things easier on the end-user. Other, more complex features, like tagging and integration, allows a company to categorize its information across multiple platforms. When deciding on the right knowledge base software, there are several questions a company should ask themselves.

Things to consider when choosing a knowledge base software

Many of the features mentioned before are essential things to consider when a company is deciding between options. Knowledge management is key to running a well-organized company, and knowledge base software can change the game for any company. 

Companies should look not only at the ease of access but also at features like a software’s internal features. For example, internal tagging and integration with programs like Slack allow employees to pull up any information they need. 

First, consider how you want your information to be stored. Some companies may want to use web-based SaaS tools through third-party servers, while others prefer a self-hosted knowledge base. Lessonly Knowledge can be an excellent tool for companies to access relevant information, and its users agree. We encourage you to check out Lessonly Knowledge’s profile on G2 where you can see what its users have to say.

Introducing Lessonly Knowledge

Lessonly Knowledge is an excellent tool for anyone looking to upgrade their own company knowledge base software. Lessonly Knowledge comes with a slew of features that can be used both to help answer employee questions and the company as a whole. 

Features like “silo search” and easy-access FAQs can help streamline how employees find their information and answer important questions without waiting. Lessonly Knowledge can help employees save time and headaches by giving them a fast and efficient way to answer any question that might come up during a busy work schedule.

What Lessonly Knowledge Can Do

Lessonly Knowledge also features several integration options to insert itself naturally into an employee’s workflow. Important information can often be widespread across multiple platforms, and company knowledge base software can help a company unify its information. 

Lessonly Knowledge can help employees access all the information they need at a moment’s notice, whether they’re using Slack, Google Drive, or many more. Features like browser extensions and app integrations help Lessonly Knowledge keep the information a company needs only a few clicks away. 

With services to enhance a company’s training process and keep employees up-to-date, Lessonly Knowledge offers everything a business needs to keep up in today’s fast-paced world. Check out more of our knowledge base articles linked down below to learn everything you need to know about why knowledge base software could be the perfect fit for your business. Or, check out Lessonly for yourself with this free lesson