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Knowledge Management Tools

Knowledge managementtools are something that every business should have. They help with sharing, storing, filing, organizing, and accessing essential information. They’re often used in tandem with customer relationship systems, learning management systems, and knowledge bases.

A proper knowledge management system is essential for practically any and every type of organization. It helps teach and train your employees in a more universal way, share and file information, track data, and make sure that everyone is on the same page. However, creating a knowledge management system (or implementing a preexisting one) is nearly impossible if you lack the necessary knowledge management tools.

Knowledge Management Applications

There are a lot of different tools for businesses that could be considered part of the knowledge management category. The many knowledge management system tools and knowledge management applications involved all serve their own unique purpose. That being said, finding the right one for your business’s specific needs can be difficult since there are so many to consider. But remember, there are no knowledge management solutions that are universally right for every business. The first step toward finding out which type of knowledge management software is right for you is understanding your options and what they have to offer. Here are just a few knowledge management system examples, as well as a brief description of what each one does.

Customer relationship management systems

Customer relationship management is the process that most organizations and businesses use to reach out to their customers and clients and interact with them. Whether you’re trying to improve relations, get feedback, update customers, or nudge them toward doing further business with you, customer relationship management is the life and soul of any business. The best way to improve customer relations is by using data garnered from previous interactions to predict what the individual is most likely to respond to in a positive way.

Content management systems

A content management system allows you to create, edit, and organize your information and digital content. This particular category of knowledge management solutions is often used by large businesses and enterprises that struggle to keep track of their web content.

Learning management systems

Businesses use learning management systems like Lessonly to deliver training, coaching, enablement, and track employee skill levels. That way, you can make sure you have employees have access to the knowledge and skills they need to perform in their jobs. You can make critical information and employee training easier to access for everyone.

Knowledge management software

While there are many kinds of information management software, only some of them fall into the general category of knowledge management software. While these pieces of software may not fall into any one specific category, that doesn’t mean they’re not useful or have less to offer. In fact, they often have a wider variety of uses. Lessonly Knowledge, for example, helps you make order out of chaos. It makes onboarding easier, integrating simpler, and saves time for everyone by giving them quick access to disparate information across your organization.

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Knowledge Management System Types

There are far more types of knowledge management systems than most people realize. Unfortunately, that also means that most people don’t realize the wide variety of uses and opportunities that they can access by using the right knowledge base software. It’s important to meet the needs of your business, and it’s difficult to do so without the right tools. Here are just a few of the most commonly needed knowledge management system types and how they might benefit you.

Enterprise knowledge management software

Enterprise knowledge management software is a widely-used term in businesses involved with IT services. This category includes systems or solutions that can help organize and structure data. Essentially, its purpose is to build knowledge within a business that will be easily accessible and well organized for employees to access. It uses knowledge and information from previous interactions and experiences to create knowledge management solutions that a company can use to improve future experiences.

AI-powered knowledge management system

AI-powered knowledge management systems save some of the time, effort, and manpower that goes into creating, organizing, and sharing information manually. This is one of the knowledge management systems that can be used both for industry purposes and for personal knowledge management tools. This knowledge management tool implements AI technologies like semantic search, language processing, intuitive learning, and more. 

It also analyzes information and data that has been previously gathered for usage patterns. With this knowledge, it then forms a variety of plans and solutions for you and your employees to use in a similar future scenario. It makes finding the necessary knowledge to complete assignments and tasks easier and more efficient for anyone who may need it. In addition, AI-assisted systems have the ability to collect information from a wider variety of sources and compile it into one massive database, which is one hurdle that remains for most of the other knowledge management systems.

Internal knowledge base software

An internal knowledge base is a compendium of systems, processes, solutions, and data. This information is typically retrieved from research or past experiences within the company. This type of knowledge management software is the best kind for storing and sharing information in the most accessible way possible. Unlike the other types of knowledge management systems, internal knowledge base software focuses more on employees’ accessibility rather than that of their customers.

The Benefits of Knowledge Management Systems

There is a nearly endless number of benefits that the wide variety pieces of knowledge management system software has to offer. Here are just a few of the best of the things you could gain by using a proper knowledge management system.

Increases productivity

A good knowledge management system will save employees time in their attempt to research information. Rather than spending hours scouring the web, or distracting other employees from their jobs by asking them for the information, they can simply access the information database offered by a knowledge management system.

Promotes ongoing learning

Knowledge management systems are preferable to physical courses or other forms of training/learning for most people. The information they are trying to learn is more accessible and they can revisit the source of their knowledge at any time, from virtually any location.

Improves interactions with customers and prospects

By storing and properly organizing information from previous interactions and experiences with customers, it allows employees to analyze the data and glean from it everything they need to know about how to interact with this customer and what they will respond most positively to.

Provides consistent information

Unlike other ways of sharing information (word-of-mouth, for example), a knowledge management system gives everyone access to the same information and documents universally. That way, there won’t be any variances in the knowledge shared and the number of miscommunications will decrease significantly. In addition, the amount of information and files that get misplaced or lost altogether will drop significantly.

Looking for the Best Knowledge Management Software?

There are a lot of important things to keep in mind when it comes to knowledge management systems and processes, but there are also plenty of tools and helpful resources to help you get started. And, while there are many examples of knowledge management software that can benefit businesses, we think there’s one that stands out among the crowd.

Our newest product, Lessonly Knowledge, is an excellent tool for anyone looking to upgrade their own company knowledge base software. Lessonly Knowledge comes with a slew of features that can be used both to help answer employee questions and the company as a whole. Lessonly Knowledge equips teammates to find answers quickly and easily so they can onboard smarter, save time, and perform better. Want to learn more? Get a quick preview of what Lessonly has to offer with a free lesson