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Compliance Training Software

There are a few things in life that absolutely need to be done, no matter how dull or dreary they might seem. Regulatory compliance training programs are one of these necessities in life to make sure that our world runs as well as we want it to. Some industries and jobs require a bit more training and trust for reasons of complexity that can range from people trusting their food is prepared in the right way to having the right person who builds a public structure. Going through your everyday life, you can encounter a few situations where employees have annual compliance training that they have to keep up without you even knowing it.

What it comes down to is, compliance training has to happen. However, that doesn’t mean that it has to be an awful process. With the introduction of modern technology, training at a job has become much less of a chore. Gone are the days of paper and pencil tests, boring powerpoints, and oppressive presentations when it’s time to go through the compliance training program. The way that training was conducted was changed with the introduction of the content management system (CMS). Compliance training was one of those to change. Things have changed even since then, and compliance training software has continued to get easier and easier to complete and track with the introduction of learning automation systems. Even chief compliance officer training can be accomplished using quality learning software.

Top Industries That Benefit from Compliance Training

Throughout our economy, there are a few industries that require more compliance training to be done than others. The need for this training is evident, but up until recently, the training itself has never been an exciting proposition. For people that have been in the industry for longer, things like HIPAA compliance officer training can be a regular occurrence, but for new hires coming into these industries, they can be downright daunting.

It’s important to make regular compliance training an engaging experience. If not, it becomes monotonous and isn’t taken seriously. People assume they know it all or just enough to get by another year. This is not okay, especially when a person’s state of happy being is at hand. Compliance training is necessary for effective, safe, and secure service. It must be adhered to. With that said, compliance training information has to be be created and delivered well, and tested on. The training experience doesn’t have to be a daunting one. And by using efficient training software comprised of great content, the learning experience can be transformed into an enjoyable one.

Total Medical Compliance Training
Top of the list would certainly be the medical industry. Training for new and veteran employees is extensive for a reason, they hold our lives in their hands. However, there are so many aspects to the medical industry that investing in decent training software would be a disservice to everyone involved. I doubt that 100 percent of employees that need to know the ins and outs of medicare compliance training and medicare abuse would be able to tell you what you need to know off the cuff. There’s a crazy amount of knowledge needed on-hand. This is where a learning automation system like Lessonly can be indispensable to employees and administrators both in healthcare compliance training.

By implementing software like Lessonly, healthcare compliance certification is a breeze. Hospital administrators and managers can easily create lessons on the information needed to know within compliance testing to make sure that everyone stays up to date on their training. Hospital compliance training becomes second nature when nurses, doctors, and assistants have a friendly and helpful set of lessons to help them stay sharp. Where Lessonly differentiates itself is by automating this process. Certain certifications like the Medicare compliance program need to be refreshed within a certain cadence. With Lessonly, training lessons can be created for entire sections of the staff that can be assigned to recur once a year near the end of the first quarter whenever the compliance training needs to be refreshed. Lessonly takes care of remembering all of that for you so the only thing you and your employees need to focus on is the information at hand. The best types of learning management systems are flexible enough to provide the base to train for multiple compliance tests, for example; medical billing compliance, medical device compliance training, and healthcare regulatory compliance issues.

Banking Compliance Software
Another huge industry that relies on a lot of training to ensure compliance is met is the banking and investing sector. So much so that the Bank Compliance Association is a widely known and respected entity within the industry. With so many people’s money on the line, the government is understandably strict when it comes to making sure that its banking employees are up to code on their training. Creating a banking regulatory compliance checklist is any simple and easy way to remind employees of all experience levels what they can and can’t do when it comes to their job. Assigning these lessons through Lessonly to your banking employees will allow them to go through it at their pace while letting you track each person’s progress to see who is getting the information and who might need a little bit of help. After they finish, the information doesn’t go away. These lessons can stick around and be used as a point of reference going forward to make sure that they can answer any question that they may have about their job for themselves. Saving your time, their time, and eventually the customer’s time.

Bank Compliance Training
Training for compliance within the financial sector doesn’t have to be dreaded or difficult with training software. Bank compliance regulations exist for important reasons, but they are plenty and length enough to be hard to recall when going through daily processes. To make the process easier for new hires, training software or learning automation system can host all of the training documents explaining how to deal with a customer’s deposit, how to handle money before close, and other important processes. Lessonly works fantastically when creating documents that can be referred back to like a banking regulatory compliance checklist. Employees can either keep this checklist bookmarked on their computer for the harder-to-remember details of their job, or it can be set to remind them automatically after a set amount of time to make sure they stay updated on their regulatory procedures. Enter: Lessonly learning software.

Corporate Compliance Training
Last, but not least, corporate compliance is a huge section of compliance training. Corporate environments have changed a lot over the past few years, but the rules still stay the same. There are different sections of paperwork, rules, and training that apply to a multitude of different industries. This means that there is no short of corporate compliance training topics through the Human Resource department, payroll department, and even just day to day interactions within the company. How is it possible to keep track of all these things without some kind of compliance training software?

By investing in a learning automation system like Lessonly, you can centralize every training document and lesson within one software that makes it easy to track and understand. We know how “corporate compliance training courses” sounds, but that doesn’t have to mean that it’s boring and uninteresting. Lessonly’s user interface is simple and supports all sorts of multimedia like videos and GIFs to keep the learners active and engaged. Lessonly is built to cater to the learner. Not to say that administrators and managers don’t get the tracking tools that they need to make sure their training is being completed, because they definitely do. We do that all while making an engaging experience for the learners so that when it comes time for the annual compliance training program template to be completed, you don’t have to hear the entire office groan collectively.

Compliance Officer Training
There are such things as compliance officers among us, and if this is your profession, or managing a team of compliance officers, you need to know your stuff as well. A compliance officer job isn’t just knowing one set of rules either, to ensure everyone else is doing the right thing, you need to know as much as possible. This is where a compliance training software could prove invaluable to you and your team. By implementing a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to do your compliance training programs, you and your other compliance officers can be equipped to adequately help other people do their jobs better. Whether you work in financial compliance training or corporate compliance, officer training is easy with a software platform like Lessonly.

It’s the duty of a compliance officer to be able to administer great learning and monitor compliance within an organization. It’s a tough job, and subject matter from an objective and subjective standpoint has to be retained and adhered to. For example, its a compliance officer’s duty to make sure everyone is informed about the security within an organization. Beyond providing information, the compliance officer has to enforce security rules and regulations and discipline when they are broken. This knowledge and these practices are hard to enforce without prior knowledge of the company, its history, or the people involved. To summarize, a compliance officer needs information on the company, its security processes, and those of the industry in general, how to handle conflict, effective communication, and testing.

This amount of information is overwhelming to an individual and likely isn’t going to be retained in one sit-down session. Corporate compliance officers need a place to go to refer back to materials, be tested over again, and feel informed of new practices and standards.

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Using Compliance Training Best Practices in Elearning

So now you’re ready to dive headfirst into your compliance training, great! When bringing a compliance training software into the mix, there are a few things to keep in mind as far as sales training best practices. Methods used vary depending on the training system or software that you choose to implement, but there are some overall best practices to keep in mind when training employees in compliance areas.

With Lessonly’s learning software, you can ditch the compliance best practices white papers and the outdated, cheesy corporate compliance training PowerPoint, and create engaging, entertaining, informative lessons for compliance training.

Let’s face it, compliance training already has a monotonous connotation to it. Training software shouldn’t encourage that. You should be enabled to have fun with your training as opposed to having to conform to repeat outdated graphics, videos, and text for efficiency purposes. With Lessonly, you can incorporate media from your favorite platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud and Giphy. If you have your own photos and GIFs you’ve created, we support those too. Learning should be informative, but it should also be entertaining. Fun and compliance training work cohesively with Lessonly.

When using Lessonly with your collection of best practices, employee training becomes seamless. For compliance officer training, it’s easy to create a fun lesson on each of the practices (a course, essentially) or to have one lesson as a compliance quick-guide. Regardless of the type of corporate compliance training, healthcare, bank, or otherwise, having a platform at hand for the creation, delivering, storing, and reviewing of materials will make the best compliance practices easy to retain and execute.

Lessonly automates many actions in our software so that managing the learning systems is an intuitive task. Assign lesson due dates without having to remind learners constantly. Add learners upon implementation of the software, and never type in another complicated email for delivery. Schedule repeated lessons monthly or annually. Even queue up lessons in a specific order for learners.

If you’re a learner, you can access your lessons from any smart device. This enables you to learn in your best environment. You can also easily search content when you need a refresher on content.

Interested in testing Lessonly out? Jump right in. We’ve got a free tour for that. Or, check out any of the helpful resources below.