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Online Training Software in Retail

Retail is a very saturated industry. For companies to stand out now, operations and customer service must be unique and consistent. Customers remember their experience in a shop, and if that experience is negative or inconsistent, the effects of word-of-mouth will ruin the shop’s reputation. The best solution is for excellent retail customer service training to nip inconsistencies or ambiguous solutions in the bud.

Retail industry training requires thorough training from the beginning of an employee’s career. Many companies are using online learning software to create and distribute essential retail training courses to employees. More importantly, creating a great retail employee training experience is what’s going to keep your employees loyal, compliant, and enjoying their jobs.

By utilizing an online learning system, you can throw out the tangible, dated, retail training manual and take advantage of distance learning. Software that provides creative tools to build and brand is now the standard for employers to train employees in accordance to particular brand values. Remote employees can learn just as well as on-site employees with a modern online LMS because the tools and platform provided enable concise content creation and ease of deliverability and access.

Is Online Training Software Right for Your Retail Business?

The simple answer is, yes, corporate training software is a great tool for any business. That’s why it has such a generic title. But, the caveat is, what kind is a good fit for your retail business? We’re going to whittle the options down to two of the biggest options: software-as-a-service elearning software versus a free learning management system.

SaaS Elearning Software

This kind of learning software is probably the best online training software option if you want your business to grow in employees and locations. SaaS corporate training apps, like Lessonly, have the flexibility to allow admins to create online training and deliver seamless content while simultaneously keeping learners engaged in their preferred environment. Additionally, the software company takes care of maintaining the software; clients aren’t charged for updates and a client experience team is immediately available to help with troubleshooting.

For the amount of time a company needs to invest in training, SaaS ultimately saves big bucks on time and resources. Retail brands like Modcloth have been adopting the modern online training system to cover all the bases of retail customer service training. And that’s just one facet. With a SaaS platform, less time is spent managing the system and more time is spent creating great learning for all things retail skills related. At Lessonly, we know that each business is unique; that’s what makes a business grow. In that sense, the training material should be specific to the company’s mission and values. The more sculpted the material is, the more clearly paved direction each employee has.

Warning: The Free LMS

Free learning management systems might work for small boutique retail shops. These systems, though free, can often yield drawbacks in usability and maintenance. For example, if you use open source elearning software that’s free, you’re only provided the framework of the LMS. This means that customizing the interface and tweaking usability are left to you. If something goes wrong with the web based training software system, you’ll have to hire someone to fix it.

If you’re thinking about retail training programs for your growing company, we definitely suggest taking a look at online training software reviews. These reviews will help you decide what brand of SaaS learning software is right for the company and its future training objectives.

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Make Retail Sales Training Run More Smoothly

From retail management training to the complexity of creating a retail employee handbook, Lessonly’s learning automation platform stays with you every step of the way.

If you’re opening a new location, having a seamless learning system in place allows for special attention to be paid to the actual learning progress of your retail employees. If an employee can learn well while also at a faster pace, that employee will not only feel well-informed and self-confident, but they will innately perform well in their role.

With Lessonly, retail training modules can be delivered and tracked to each individual learning. Administrators of Lessonly can see who is doing what, when, and how well. To further assess, creators of learning material can incorporate quiz, poll, and free-response questions to gather feedback from learners. If you’re training a group of learners and you want them to take lessons in a certain order, you can do that in Lessonly with trigger assigning.

The learning experience for a retail employee can be a drag. Who wants to sit in front of a computer for four hours at a time and consume knowledge that’s likely going to be forgotten in a week? No one. The best retail sales training programs don’t deter learners, but keep them engaged. This is important to keep in mind when choosing an online training software and creating the content for it. If the subject is “retail employee discounts”, in Lessonly, admins have the opportunity to make it a lot less boring than it sounds.

When distributing training, we strongly suggest establishing an ongoing way to inform your retail team of any updates or new additions to processes and standards. No one retains everything the first time around. By having ongoing training at a cadence, everyone on staff can remain on the same page. This results in consistent customer service, recognizable to the brand. If you don’t want to distribute training every three months, have Lessonly do it for you. With scheduled assigning, admins can schedule courses to be taken at a cadence.

Learners are the end-user of a learning system. If a learner can’t embrace learning, what’s the point in having a system? Lessonly recognizes this. And we know that the best retail management training programs do too. Learners in Lessonly aren’t faced with a clunky interface that’s difficult to wade through. Learners are notified automatically when they’re assigned a lesson, and can take it on their computer or a mobile device at their convenience. If a learner needs to refer back to material, it’s as simple as a search. Learning comes easy with us. Gone are the days of complex retail management training program. We make it our mission to create better learning so businesses can thrive and employees live better lives.

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