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Online Training Software for Businesses

The search for your company’s next learning management system can sometimes feel like an online personal trainer trying to get you in shape. Follow up with these sales reps, check up on the features of this software, and then do it all again tomorrow. There are plenty of options for a learning management system out there, and one of the larger categories is online training software. Open source options, software-as-a-service, and hosted systems are all viable options when it comes to online training software. They all function similarly, but the needs of your admins and learners can often change your requirements from the software.

A good resource to start with is a software comparison website, we’ve even got our own page dedicated to online training software reviews. These reviews are great resources to find some of the good things, and some of problems that former customers have had with their implementations. These anecdotal scores help to narrow down the field for someone unsure if they need online classes software or distance education software. Overview websites such as these often put major decision factors side-by-side to help the process move more quickly. Price, ease of use, attractiveness, features, and so much more can influence the decision on which software to go with. While it can be tempting to rely heavily on an online training software comparison in making a decision, looking deeper and researching the industry can often show there are features that you may use, and some you may not.

Elearning Software

Over the past few years, elearning software has exploded in popularity across multiple industries. From the traditional use of elearning software as online teaching software, to training platforms for startup businesses, elearning software is a flexible and often affordable option for any type of training that needs to be done. Corporate training companies have found plenty of uses of the tracking capabilities of elearning software. Lessonly offers similar functionality with its Gradebook. Admins can see how their learners are doing within their online education software platform. Completion rates and answers are reported back to the team leaders, giving them everything they need to know about how their employees are digesting the corporate training materials.

The benefits of Lessonly to other elearning software platforms is the learner-first focus. Before we make any change or addition to our software, we think in-depth about how the learner will use and benefit from it. Archaic and clunky learning management systems only cause people to get the training completed instead of actually retaining learning information. Lessonly was born as a software to create online courses that the learner would enjoy taking lessons in. Our interface is easy to use and simple, text and relevant multimedia information are shown within the Lessonly app, which scales to any screen size. Lessons are just as easy to create as they are to take. Admins never have to worry about confusing content module authoring that some older learning tools make you use. Our content creation tools are built-in, and easy to use. If you can write an email, you can make a lesson within Lessonly. This all combines to make training and elearning a regular part of work, development feels more natural and less like a chore that your online personal training software keeps bugging you about.

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Online Learning Software

Traditionally, online learning software has been associated with schools, university, and educational institutions. These online education software platforms technically fall under the online training software category however, and some businesses find use by employing these as their software of choice over other types of training methods. These software stacks often include more features aimed at professors and teachers, but can be used to educate people within the corporate landscape as well. Open source presentation software, distance learning software, and online school software all fall under this category because of the traditional focus on student learning. Many websites exist to provide the elearning software comparison service for people looking to place features lists side-by-side.

Lessonly implements these fundamental principals of student learning into its own version of an online learning software with its flexibility. We know that people rarely learn perfectly on the first blush with the subject. Our online education software allows learners to go back to their lessons and refer to it as many times as they need to. Older learning management systems lock learners out of lessons and materials if it isn’t currently assigned to them, meaning once it’s taken, it’s inaccessible for information lookup. We don’t operate that way at Lessonly. By keeping this virtual learning library of information available to employees who might have a quick question on something, they can find the answer for themselves without stopping a manager’s work to figure out what the right answer is.

Corporate Training Programs

Look anywhere and you will find online training software high on the list of hot corporate training trends currently. As the millennial workforce starts to fill seats within growing companies, admins are seeing an experience gap between the exiting employees and the ones replacing them. This increases the need for a corporate training software, preferably one that is flexible enough to provide the content needed, but not complicated enough to cost too much to work on. Some businesses decide on open source online training software free of rules and regulations that other companies impose on them. This allows for as much development and integration as they can do for themselves. When relying on open source or free software, companies are left to wait for updates from the development community if they don’t have someone who can do the coding for them. This often leads to the creation of corporate training apps that are then adapted specifically for that company’s training needs.

For many corporate situations, this development time simply does not exist, and SaaS products become infinitely more attractive. Lessonly functions under this model of online training software. We take care of the development, maintenance, and growth of the application and our users get to use the software as much as they want. We are constantly in contact with our customers getting feedback on what they use within the online courses software, what they like, and what they don’t like. This flexibility has allowed Lessonly to be the perfect fit for growing companies and larger, established businesses for all of their online training needs.

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