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Examples of Employee Training Software

Employee training software is often used in combination with other types of employee training methods to execute training in bulk. If you’re trying to train 40 sales reps in hopes of keeping 20 by then end of their first month, you need to evaluate your training software. For example, companies will use employee training software to augment employee training seminars, i.e., in addition to employees attending the seminar, online employee training software will be used to reinforce messaging and information from the seminar. This example can also be flipped; employee training software can be used to brief employees on seminar information prior to attending.

Though there are types of employee training programs for a specific subject matter, like OSHA software or safety training software, any topic can be well-created, distributed, and assessed with a modern learning platform. Perhaps you need to train employees on more than safety? Then safety training management software probably won’t do your company and employees justice.

Imagine, instead of having your employees sign up for a myriad of training programs that require on-site attendance and tiresome note-taking, you can assign them the same learning content, tailored to your company, and conveniently accessed by your learners on any mobile device. This learning platform compiles the functions of content creation software, employee training tracking software, and employee training management software, into one, succinct platform for seamless training. The topical list of training programs for employees can now be organized for learners on this platform alone. This platform is Lessonly.

Lessonly is an automated learning system designed with the end-user in mind: the learner. We simplify the management of the learning system so managers themselves can focus on the actual retention of individual learners. Ultimately, employees learn better and live better lives because of it. The company reaps benefits like low turnover and heightened common-knowledge. For Lessonly, manufacturing employee training software isn’t about checking a completion box for the company, it’s about the employees excelling in their roles.

Furthermore, Lessonly enables learners to learn long-term. No one learns something intricately from the first go-around. We know that. It’s important to assign and assess information at a cadence. As a company grows, processes and standards are changing. With Lessonly you can update materials with ease, reassign them at a cadence, and assess who is doing what, when, and how well.

To paint a few pictures, below are some employee training programs examples and learning software can play into the mix:

Quality Management

Learning software assists a total quality management system in the area of assessment. Quality management software, or total quality management software helps establish and maintain the standards of activities and tasks in a company, but it’s the employees working within that software that need to maintain a common level of knowledge.

By using a learning software, you can schedule and track training at a cadence. When building materials, incorporate quiz, poll, and free-response questions to elicit feedback on the standards of day-to-day tasks. Then, you can see which employees or departments aren’t performing to the standard and assist them with any knowledge gaps. Furthermore, the feedback can work as a quality management software review. This allows employees to tell you if they’re struggling with any facet of the software.

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Whether it’s for automotive sales training or just revisiting the basics from automotive training schools, using Lessonly can help your team stay up-to-date. By distributing automotive training online through Lessonly, your learners can learn necessary information when they want, before a due date. Instead of sending a long email full of automotive training videos or requiring all mechanics to attend an automotive training seminar, just compile all the necessary information in Lessonly. You can use it as your company’s personal, automotive training software.

Training Software for Taxes

Yikes, taxes. Everyone dreads tax season. But you know who deserves to dread it most? Accountants. Sales and use tax training can be a monotonous drag. And when something is boring to learn, it‘s hard to retain. Before sending employees off to intense, yet excruciatingly boring tax training seminars, brief your accountants with some fun in Lessonly. Soften the blow of monotony with funny GIFs or videos that reference your learning materials. Lessonly supports it. Keep track of who has accomplished what lessons in your dashboard. Out with the old, clunky tax training software, in with Lessonly.

Lessonly as Your Employee Training Software

Employee training software programs are aplenty. Having excellent usability is going to be a key factor in your decision, but keep in mind the usability for both the administrator and the learner. Lessonly’s employee training management software doesn’t restrict the flourishing of employee training program ideas. We encourage it.

We have seen clients use Lessonly to augment training and even replace on-site training. For example, Birchbox was training remote employees and needed a way to keep track of each individual’s learning. So, they chose Lessonly. Movoto used Lessonly to onboard employees 30 days faster than before and assure quality control in three different departments. For more success stories check out some of our other case studies.

When building lessons for your team in Lessonly, get creative. With the power at your fingertips, you can make your training materials entertaining and informative. We help by giving you the necessary tools and platform to do so. The best lessons and courses incorporate humor and a mix of media. Having a sporadic array of Google Docs isn’t going to suffice as a scalable learning system. With Lessonly, employees aren’t scrolling through countless pages of black text. They’re experiencing learning in a better way.

Interested in trying Lessonly’s employee training software? Get a preview of Lessonly in action here. Need more learning for your employee training program sample? Check out our free resources below.

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