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Finding the Right Web-Based Training Software

The traditional model of training that brings employees into a room for a slideshow presentation of forgettable information is outdated and in need of change. In today’s business world, if you aren’t ahead of your duties, you’re already behind. In such a hectic and constantly driven industry, web-based training software can be invaluable for getting your new and existing employees up-to-speed and keeping them there. Moving to training tracking software might elicit the same reactions as signing up for an online personal training software, but the transition isn’t all that difficult. Searching for the right employee training software isn’t an intensive process, but putting the work beforehand will ensure that you, your employees, and your company find the right fit for your training needs.

We can thank the rise of cloud-based software companies for this access to internet-enabled training software. Companies that specialize in software as a service (SaaS) products have created the next generation of company and corporate training. This industry is rapidly growing and ranges from free elearning software for educational institutions to cloud-based systems for small businesses. The range of options is provided by the flexibility of SaaS companies. The amount of service is often determined by different variables such as users, time spent within the application, and other features. And of course, any time saved by utilizing a web-based training software is the efficiency gained for efforts in other areas of your business.

Training Management Software

A proper online training management system can be utilized as a one-stop-shop for all the training and learning that your company needs to accomplish. Training is often overlooked by companies looking to focus on producing as much of their work as they can. While doing more work usually translates into more profit, if training can keep your employees sharp, that work before better overtime. At, we place a lot of importance in the practice of onboarding new employees. By creating lessons that explain what the company is, why we are here, and how we go about our work, we can quickly align our new employees with the company vision.

This is just one use case in the long list of cloud-based software examples when it comes to training and learning opportunities. Due diligence says start an e-learning platforms comparison before deciding on which web-based training software to choose, but there are a few common threads that the best online training software platforms offer. Unique to the online training management industry is the ability to track the learning as it happens. Sending out lessons is only half of the job, making sure the learning is accomplished comes next. When looking for software to manage your training, tracking is critical. makes this ability easier than ever with the Gradebook feature. Here, admins can see every lesson that has been assigned as well as the learner’s grade, good or bad. This information tells the team leaders who need a bit more help on a certain topic and who has your web-based training courses down like the back of their hand.

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Free Online Training Software

Another list item in choosing the right online training software is of course going to be price; this is a business after all. A quick internet search for ‘free online training platform’ could certainly kick back a host of options, but the cheapest choice isn’t always the best. At, we believe that investing in a cloud-based LMS or learning software of any kind should be just that: an investment. Free training software might sound good up-front, but doesn’t usually hold up in the long run. Those companies that charge for their products are usually the ones that not only offer more comprehensive and useful features, but they are also the ones that take their product rather seriously. Here at, we are committed to creating learning software that employees demand because they know the impact that it has on them and their work. That level of commitment isn’t easily replicable with a free training management software.

In a more tangible way, web-based software examples that do not charge often don’t give much in the way of customer support. If something goes wrong with the free cloud-based project management software that you downloaded, you might not always hear back when you email the support team. By investing in a proven and positive product, you can ensure that software takes your company’s learning as seriously as you do. has an entire team of dedicated client experience representatives to ensure that if you ever need something or experience a problem, we can help to get it fixed and get your learners back on-track.

Open Source Training Software

Another enticing option for companies looking to try something different and shake things up is the open source route. Open source training software is a system or platform that is developed and coded by a group of people who then publish the codebase for anyone to look at, reuse, and download to their heart’s content. There are some situations where companies already employ talented developers that might be able to implement the software based on this published code, but in the realm of cloud-based software for small businesses or large, it might not be the best option. The reality is that web-based training courses have a lot of different functionalities running behind the scenes to keep things working correctly. Without a significant background knowledge in these kinds of systems, open-source elearning software can be extremely overwhelming.

Due to the codebase of open source projects being crowdsourced, any updates to your web-based training software are going to have to be on the schedule of the developers. Without a team to build on your platform, you will be waiting until the group puts a new feature together and shares it. That just isn’t the case with a SaaS product like Any updates we make to our software are shared with our clients, and our clients know that when they aren’t hearing from us, we are hard at work creating new and exciting features from the feedback that they’ve given us. We work in tandem with our customers, all working toward a common goal.

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