Customer Service Training Ideas

Customer service training can be a drag. When you say the words “customer service training” to your employees you may be lucky to get a hushed “woo” out of a customer service agent in the back. Many companies struggle to make their training fun for customer service representatives, but not yours anymore! In the download above, you’ll find customer service tips and customer service training activities to get your team excited and motivated.

A customer service training manual can help get your company started on the right path to fun success. Customer service skills training is necessary, why not make it fun in the process? Your team of managers can make a few customer service training videos. As an idea, make them extra cheesy, not like a pizza, but the kind of cheesy that looks like the film was made in the 80’s.

Grouping your new employees into customer service classes in the dark room looking at old customer service training modules can be enough for your employees to begin hatching an escape plan more elaborate than El Chapo’s.

As a customer service trainer, you have to make things engaging. Your new employees are working in customer service. So, make them feel like they’re interacting with people through your lessons. Use the above customer service training tips to improve the process. Whether you are looking for call center training tips or a few customer service games, we’ve got you covered.

Customer Service Techniques

Forming a great customer service training program requires knowing the customer needs. You will need real, concrete examples of bad customer service as well as examples of good customer service. Sometimes to know what not to do, seeing a bad example is helpful. We don’t recommend that you role-play a bad situation with an actual customer. Instead, consider pulling aside a coworker to act out a script with you.

To elevate your employees to outstanding customer service, you need to know what makes great customer service. Whether you empower your employees within reason to do anything to make the customer happy or you have an amazing customer service script, you have to know what works for your company and clientele.

Teaching your employees good customer service tips and acting them out is a great way to start your training program. See if they can tell the difference through a phone of a person smiling and when they are talking and a person with a stoic face. Teaching your employees the little things that may seem like common sense to you now shows that you and your company value the little things that can take customer service to the next level.

Customer Service Rules

Defining a customer service culture can be difficult especially if you are forming call centers in different locations. By actually creating and defining a culture, your customers won’t just hope for one location over another. You can ensure that every customer that calls any location enjoys the same great service throughout.

When empowering employees, you need to establish some customer service basics. Empowering your employees is great, but letting them run amok might not be the best thing for your business. Give them a list of guidelines they can use rather than just evaluating each customer and deciding on an arbitrary discount or perk.

By setting some customer service rules, you ensure that your employees can still be empowered while giving the customer consistent service across representatives. We’re not talking about rules like “answer the call on the second ring,” but rather if a customer is canceling their service, ask them why and see if you can change their mind with a 20% discount for the next six months.

Fish Philosophy

When I first heard of The Fish Philosophy, I thought it was dating advice to give a friend after a breakup. It turns out it’s not dating advice, but a great way to improve employee engagement and work-life balance. The name came from actual fishmongers or a person who sells fish. So to them, there used to be more fish in the sea…

Fish philosophy quotes are hard to come by, but their motto is, “If your employees are passionate about the work they’re doing, your customers will be passionate using your service.” If you were just looking for a general quote about fish, this is my favorite: “Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish? I know it’s tuna, but it says ‘Chicken of the Sea.”-Jessica Simpson

In all seriousness, though, The Fish Philosophy book is a great way to boost morale and a relatively quick read at only 101 pages. If you are on the fence, the fish philosophy video will give you a better sense of what the fish philosophy is about.

Give ‘em The Pickle

Give ‘em the pickle does not sound like it would be conducive to the workplace, but it’s actually a customer service philosophy. It originated as a long-time customer of a restaurant frequently asking for an extra pickle with his burger.

The restaurant hired a new waitress who was unaware of this man’s long-time custom. She only knew of the policies. She offered to sell him a side of pickles or upcharge the burger by a nickel for the extra pickle after talking to her manager. Perhaps she was just trying to make a funny rhyme with nickel and pickle, but the customer left and vowed never to return.

It took a meeting with the owner, Bob Farrell, to get this customer to eventually return years later. The philosophy states that instead of trying to squeeze every last nickel out of your customers, just give em the pickle. The future loyalty will make up for the financial loss of one pickle.

Customer Service Games

Taking a break from the regular routine to do a few customer service activities is a great way to build your team and increase morale at the same time. Customer service games can be icebreakers or they can reinforce the fundamentals of your customer service philosophy.

Consider taking an hour every other week to run through some customer service training activities with your team. For example, you can take the toughest customer service call from the previous week and have everyone give ideas of how to handle it. It’s a great way for your team to realize that customer service is a constant learning process.

A few customer service exercises that you could use in training is role-playing. In the download above you’ll find some of our favorite customer service training exercises that are both fun and effective. Your employees will have fun learning without even realizing that they’re training.