What is Enterprise Sales Training Software?

Enterprise training is about getting your large team on board and in line with what your company does, in the way that you do it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re bringing new talent on board or teaching your current crew how to master new skills or processes. Enterprise training covers it all, and enterprise companies with the best sales training programs get the best results. That’s why we’re here—to help you deliver the best enterprise sales training so your team can stay ahead of the curve.

If you’re working with a large number of people, you’ve got a big job on your hands. It can be a challenge to deliver a single message and consistent training and have it fully and correctly understood by everyone. In fact, when you’re working with a large audience, even the simplest message can be miscommunicated or misunderstood. In an ordinary situation, your job would be to pinpoint those individuals and to further edify them on the details they have missed. Now that can be a monumental task. Enterprise training software is about making that task easy and is designed to deliver consistent training and informational material to a large group of employees, teams, or the entire organization.

So, how does enterprise sales training software make skills teaching, testing, and remediation easier? It does it via a learning management system (LMS). You should choose an LMS that suits your team and your needs, especially if you have a larger team. And while there are a lot of options and features to consider, you’re not on your own. We can work with you to help you figure out how to design a top sales training program with our LMS. But first, we need to understand some of the challenges that are unique to enterprise sales teams.

Challenges for Enterprise Sales Teams

Over the years, we have worked with enterprise sales teams across the globe. While each team is different, they typically face certain challenges to training different types of workforces in different industries. When it comes to enterprise sales teams, we have defined five specific challenges. They are:

  •  Keeping large teams engaged
  •  Creating and sharing training content quickly and at scale 
  •  Tracking sales training efforts and engagement 
  •  Keeping a distributed workforce of sales reps informed
  •  Delivering effective coaching and feedback to reps 

Let’s take a closer look at each of these challenges.

Keeping large teams engaged

An important factor in running a great team is knowing how to engage every team member. In turn, employees who are engaged are more likely to feel like they’re part of a team and not just a number in your headcount. But, this can be extremely difficult for large, dispersed teams. The reality is that for employees to be engaged, they need to feel motivated to do better work and ensure they’re helping their teamwork towards a common goal and the company’s overall mission.

Creating and sharing training content at scale

In primary schools and colleges all over the world, one of the major factors indicating the quality of the education an institution provides is the teacher-to-student ratio. The more teachers there are, and the fewer the students, the better educated each student will be. When it comes to training enterprise sales teams, this factor is turned on its head. Almost invariably, you’re likely to have a limited number of trainers to your overall team count. This makes it harder to create and share content quickly and at scale to your entire workforce.

Tracking sales training efforts

When it comes to teaching new skills, procedures, or ideas, to a sales force – recent trends and science both favor making the task as fun as possible. Unfortunately, our sense of fun tends to be tied up in a feeling of spontaneity and an absence of long term consequences. This means that efforts to track the progress of training programs sometimes fall to the wayside. Additionally, tracking training efforts can be long and cumbersome, full of spreadsheets and manual processes that may not be followed from team to team. This makes it difficult to correctly track your sales training efforts.

Keeping a distributed workforce informed

Sales reps need the most up to date knowledge and skill level to build relationships and successfully move prospects through the sales process. The divergence of places, populations, and products served by different locations of your team can compound the complexity of the task of training.

Delivering effective coaching

Finding and delivering effective coaching and feedback to sales representatives can be a challenge. Whether it’s finding the time to deliver feedback or ensuring leaders have the right coaching skills, large teams have a lot of challenges to navigate when it comes to providing effective coaching.

5 Features of Enterprise Sales Training Software

You may have heard of or thought about the challenges to enterprise sales teams we’ve covered here, in which case. But the good news is that there are tools and resources to help you overcome these challenges. Let’s take a closer look to learn how enterprise sales training programs and enterprise sales training software is designed to deliver precise solutions to these problems. 

1. Flexibility for different formats

Sales training software supports a wide range of learning formats to boost learner engagement. These include video, tests and quizzes, learning checkpoints, and more. By increasing the likelihood that learners engage with training they’ll be better equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. 

2. Creation tools at your fingertips

Enterprise training software also offers easy to understand tools that let you create, share and update training content in minutes, not days or weeks. It also gives large teams the chance to work with subject matter experts and high team performers to build training content. 

3. Automated progress reports

Gone are the days of manual training tracking. One of the advantages of modern information technology is its ability to track information quietly in the background and not interfere with the human side of learning. Enterprise training software automatically tracks and records learner engagement, quiz scores, and completion rates. That means, when they make progress, it counts.

4. Source of truth 

Enterprise training software serves as a verifiable source of truth making it possible for reps to access information when and where they need it, and stay informed. In fact, the best online training systems can help turn even rookie reps into great ones.

5. Practice makes perfect and permanent

Modern sales training software also supports active skill practice as reps learn. This gives reps the chance to hone critical sales skills and get feedback from their managers. Putting powerful training tools for employees in the hands of your team will supercharge your training program. Think of it as your very own training simulator for developing sales pros!

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