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How to Improve Leadership Skills with Online Leadership Training

As a business owner, you need to recognize the importance of leadership skills in those who guide and lead your company. These individuals to have the skills needed to make your business successful, including managing, motivating, and training your non-management employees. Leadership courses online, or online management training can be a vital step in helping you develop and train leaders within your company. Online courses can help you teach new managers what they need to know to lead and can help current managers learn new skills. Online courses allow you to teach your employees on your own time schedule, or as their schedule allows, while also ensuring consistency among all of your management group when it comes to leadership skills, as they are all taking the same program.

Benefits of Online Leadership Training

As you look at growing leaders through online leadership training or executive leadership courses, you must make a decision as to whether online courses or in-person training courses are the better fit for your business. Here are three of the benefits that are most associated with an online leadership training course. 

Low Cost

One of the biggest benefits associated with online leadership training and online business courses is their cost. As a general rule of thumb, online courses are cheaper than in person courses. The courses themselves are cheaper, and you don’t have to pay to send your leaders on a business trip, which may include transportation costs, hotel costs and per diem expense money for food.

Flexible Scheduling 

The second benefit associated with online leadership training is flexible scheduling. With an online leadership training course, each one of your managers can take the courses at a time that is convenient for them or for you. You do not need all of your managers or leaders gone at one time. And you can space out the training program so that it doesn’t interfere with busy times for your business. 


The final benefit associated with online training and management classes is consistency. With an online course, you know that each of your leaders or managers are taking the same course and learning the same exact thing. If you send some managers to one course and other managers to a different course, they may learn different skills or learn different things, which may make the consistency from manager to manager vary. 

Taking the time to learn the benefits of any online leadership training program can help you to determine if it is the best fit for your business.

Disadvantages of Online Leadership Programs

While there are many benefits associated with online leadership training programs and leadership training courses online, they are not perfect. There are a few downsides to these types of programs. You should weigh these downsides with the upsides to determine if online training is beneficial for your company’s needs. Here are a few of the disadvantages of online leadership training programs to keep in mind. 

A Lack of Interaction With Instructors

One of the downsides associated with online leadership training is that there is a lack of interaction with instructors. Instructors can supervise all of the participants to help ensure that they are all learning effective leadership skills. Without instructors there, no one is really supervising, guiding or making themselves available to answer any questions that may be posed. 

Can Be Challenging to Complete

Another disadvantage to online leadership training is that it can be challenging to complete online courses yourself. Many people or companies start the program but never get around to finishing it. When you take an in-person course, you know that the program will be completed.

Less Team Building Among Participants

The final downside to online training programs is that there is less team building among the participants. This can be a major disadvantage when you are trying to emphasize team building types of leadership skills. Having team building activities can help to compensate for the lack of team building with this type of training course. 

While online courses are not perfect, there are still many benefits that make them beneficial for most businesses. However, it is important to educate yourself on the downsides of these programs to ensure they will work for your business.

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5 Types of Leadership Training Courses

When it comes to leadership skills training and new manager training courses, there are a variety of different training courses that are offered. Not every program is the same. Learning about the various types of leadership training courses that are offered can help you to determine which you should be looking for when you need a training course for your managers and leaders. Here are five common types of training courses, and a little information about what each one is. 

Skill-Based Training Courses

Skill-based training courses focus on specific skills. It does not matter how much experience your employees have or what managerial level they are at. If you want them to have specific skills, a skill-based training courses helps them to focus on and learn those skills. This can help them to develop skills, grow skills, or re-learn skills that they may not have used or learned in quite some time. 

Level-Based Training Courses

Level-based training courses are based on the level or position of your employees. You may have supervisors, managers and executives within your business. Supervisors need a different leadership training program than owners and executives. Level-based training helps to match your various managerial positions to their position, helping them to develop the skills that they need to thrive and grow in their current position. 

In-House Training

In-House training involves training your leadership in-house, or at your place of business. Your employees are not going on a road trip or being taught at a school or hotel conference room. They are taught at your worksite. Many people love in-house training programs, because they tend to be lower cost and allow you to tailor a program specifically for your employees as they work at their job site. It also ensures your managers are on hand and available in case something happens at the job site where they may be needed. 

Academic Training

Academic training programs are more by the book, rather than a hands-on program. Think about when you were in school. You had a binder and a book. A teacher taught you following a specific course outline and you learned by listening. Academic training helps to ensure that specific topics are covered and that employees have material available to them that they can review at any time. Some people learn better through academic training, compared to hands-on training programs. Academic training programs are also consistent and ensure your employees are trained consistently. 

Seminars and Workshops

The final type of leadership training program that is available is seminars and workshops. Seminars and workshops are usually faster than a complete training course. Many businesses use them as a way to refresh their employees skill sets or quickly teach them one specific lesson or type of skill. These courses are not typically long, which may be a great way to introduce different topics to your employees who may not have time to sit in a long class. You can break up the courses into different seminars or workshops to install good leadership skills into your employees. 

If you need online or in-person leadership training, learn about the various types of training courses out there. This will help you select the programs that are best suited to your and your employees’ needs.

Elements of the Best Leadership Courses

There are many online management training programs out there. If you are looking for a program that is right for you, you will want to pay close attention to the various elements and features that different programs have to offer. Some of the features that you want to look for include whether the program offers leadership communication training, what types of executive leadership training topics they offer, and how the program helps you to test leadership skills within or outside of the program. 

With at Lessonly, your team can offer some of the best leadership training courses around. If you are on the hunt for the best executive leadership training programs that teach a variety of skills to your leaders and management team, let us help. Get started with a demo today.