Making the Most of It: Why Best-in-Class Companies Use Computer-Based Training

A small caveat to kick us off. In this blog, we’re mostly going to be speaking directly to the people who make stuff. Little stuff. Big stuff. The pieces and machines that make the stuff. Why? Because the manufacturing industry is primed and ready for some serious training transformation. And we can help them make that happen. 

If you’re not a maker of stuff, you should still stick around. Many of the benefits of web based training can be applied to any industry that needs to streamline training, reduce waste, and navigate change—which sounds like most industries these days! 


A little background about me—I’m not new to the manufacturing world. I grew up with two manufacturing engineers for parents. (Way to go, Mom! I know sticking it out in a male-dominated world in the early 80s wasn’t easy.) I’ve also had my fair share of summer jobs in factories and manufacturing facilities over the years. Surprisingly to some, I’ve learned a lot of life skills in those environments—time management, conflict resolution, accountability, and attention to detail are among the primary ones. But I’ll be honest, very few of those skills came from any kind of formalized training. In most cases, training was an HR chore focused exclusively on safety and compliance. 

The best manufacturing companies—the ones who stand out in the crowd—are the ones who view training as an opportunity rather than a chore or roadblock. And over the last few years we’ve worked with some pretty spectacular companies like MeUndies, Jeld-Wen, and ThirdLove who all use computer-based training to develop faster, more engaging training programs. Instead of thinking of training as a time-wasting, check-it-off-the-list task, they think of it as a tool to improve their team’s productivity and process efficiency. 

What is computer-based training anyway? 

I could give you the long, drawn-out history of educational technology—from the good ol’ TI-84 calculator on through to nuanced computer-based training software like ours. But what good would that really do? After all, we know every second counts in manufacturing, so we’ll keep it quick.

There are so many types of computer-based training to think about. In short, computer-based learning involves the use of a computer—obviously—to deliver and access training programs.  That said, most companies are really looking for learning management software—a tool that will help them disseminate information, track training completion, and test knowledge comprehension. 

And therein lies the true importance of computer-based training. It’s not just a task to check off each new employee’s to-do list. It’s a powerful comprehension tool that actually drives real results—like onboarding 62% faster. 

How exactly? Let’s dive into some computer-based training advantages and disadvantages to flesh that out a bit.  

4 Reasons Why Great Manufacturing Companies Use Computer-Based Training 

They create consistency

It’s always a challenge to get any group of people on the same page. That’s even more difficult when you’ve got multiple facilities, time zones, and shifts to contend with. One of the clear computer-based training advantages is that everyone receives the same message—especially when you use a software with a 98% adoption rate. Another benefit to this consistency? If you notice widespread knowledge gaps, you can actually do something about it. 

They save (a lot) of time

You’re dealing with enough supply chain scheduling woes as it is these days. Why would you want to add scheduling traditional training sessions to the mix? Booking training spaces. Organizing onboarding materials. Finding an open time on the calendar. It’s time to put these processes into autopilot. If you’ve got more than 15 people in similar roles, you’ve got an opportunity to save time—and lots of it—with computer-based training. In most cases, training pros can do the bulk of the work upfront, and learners can access training when they’ve got the time and energy to actually absorb it. It’s really a win-win. 

They answer common questions

Information lives in a million places at work, and we all know your teammates often have the same questions about operations, inventory, processes, equipment, and more. Give them access to fast, accurate answers in their moment of need with searchable computer-based training  and knowledge management tools like ours.

They wow customers 

Customers want a tailored experience. But it’s often hard for agents and reps to deliver that without a solid baseline. With Lessonly, reps can practice interactions behind the scenes so they deliver seamless experiences when it counts most. In fact, we’ve even seen Lessonly customers boost NPS by 39%. 

We can’t manufacture goods like you.

But we can help you onboard your sales and customer service teams 62% faster. Book time with our team to talk more about how. 

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