Take a Joy Ride Into More Closed Deals: 5 Reasons Why Sales Enablement Software Is Essential for Driving Revenue

If you just finished reading our recent blog post about the difference between sales enablement software and sales operations, then you’re familiar with what a powerhouse necessity sales enablement software is for your business. With its magical way of streamlining processes, increasing productivity, and helping your reps reach their maximum potential, what’s not to love?

But now I bet you’re wondering just how the best sales enablement software is an essential component for driving revenue. Well, buckle up because we’re here to cruise through one of the most important parts of a sales enablement program.

5 Reasons Why Sales Enablement Software Is Essential for Driving Revenue

For sales organizations that have been waiting to implement a dedicated sales enablement  guide—the time is now. Here are five reasons why that’s the case.

  1. A well-rounded sales enablement strategy provides the resources, support, and coaching that salespeople need to be successful when they interact with prospects and customers. When reps have successful interactions with these individuals, they close more deals. And when more deals close, revenue accelerates.

  2. External sales enablement examples like marketing one-sheets, presentations, and other resources are all tools that help clients make a buying decision. And because “sales enablement” tools make it simple to put these types of external factors into place, those efforts are streamlined and efficient. Efficiency leads to more time for conversations with prospects and customers which is crucial to closing even more deals.

  3. Given the unique ability to customize your own sales enablement content, sales enablement teams and software make it possible for sales reps to put their hands on the right piece of content, case studies, and solutions for each unique conversation they have with prospects.

  4. Providing training at the beginning of a rep’s journey, as well as continual training as they learn, grow, and sell, is one of the most important ways to maintain sales success. The right software lets them work on specific sales lessons to develop the skills they need. Keep in mind that good onboarding leads to better retention as sales reps are more likely to stay with an organization that gives them the support and development opportunities they need to be confident in what they are doing.

  5. Software enables reps to follow the customer’s journey and create content at each stage. But what if that content and the steps of that journey don’t have a consistent place  to land? Sales reps are too busy to keep it all straightutilizing technology is crucial to ensure customers are cared for, have loyalty to their reps, and, therefore, invest more in the business. 

No Blind Spots in this Road—Sales Enablement Really Works

A sales enablement strategy is the approach your business takes to provide sales with the resources they need to effectively sell. Truth is, in an always-on, information-rich world, connected technology has increased customer sophistication and expectations. That’s why having sales enablement technology as part of your organization’s plan is key. In fact, sales enablement has recently surged in popularity, experiencing a 343% increase (you read that number right) in adoption over the last 5 years! Let’s take a drive through some important stats that show off the impact of this strategic business action...

  • A study by Aberdeen Group shows that giving sales teams the direction and tools they need to succeed through sales enablement training has a direct impact on the bottom line. 75% of the surveyed companies that used sales enablement tools reported increased sales and 40% of these respondents grew their sales by over 25%.
  • Learn Hub found that organizations with sales enablement achieve a 49% win rate on forecasted deals, compared to 42.5% for those without. 
  • Organizations see a significant impact on sales as a result of sales enablement with 76% of organizations seeing an increase in sales between 6% to 20%. 

Give the Green Light to Increased Revenue with Lessonly’s Sales Enablement Software

With so many advances in technology, there’s no reason not to use software to improve everything from sales content to training. The right software will be a comfortable fit for the company culture while providing valuable support that directly helps you meet goals. Sales enablement software provides all the technology, processes, and content your sales team needs to perform at maximum potential. Let us help you.

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