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Training 101: What are the Objectives of Training and Development Anyway?

It takes serious dedication to create a training program that actually moves the needle for your organization. Sometimes, to do that well, you need to go back to the basics. Enter training 101,f15035 your back-to-the-basics guide to all things training and development. We’ll cover topics like how to develop a high-quality program, how to create easy-to-understand training and this one—what the overall objectives of training and development methods are. Let’s hit the books!

In order to choose the right training methods for your organization, it’s important to figure out the “why.” What are you really trying to accomplish? What would make your efforts a true success story? Of course, investing in employee training and development has a whole host of benefits, but identifying which ones are the most important to you will help you prioritize the right things.

If it’s difficult for you to drill down on what exactly you hope to see, consider this list of seven common training and development objectives. Which ones resonate with you the most? 

1. Increased productivity 

It’s simple—if you want your employees to be better at their jobs, give them something to help them do just that. Exceeding revenue targets. Meeting quota. Hitting CSAT score goals. Those things tend to happen more often when you create a great training and development program. 

2. Improved efficiency and economical use of resources

Improving productivity isn’t always enough. Training and development can also help your employees do more with less, speed up processes, or bolster win rates. If you need your employees to make lemonade out of lemons, modern training methods might just make that a reality. 

3. Heightened employee morale 

When employees are supported with training and development, they tend to be a little happier at their jobs. After all, no one likes to do lackluster work—and training is a great way to build confidence and competence at the same time. 

4. Reduced onboarding time 

It all starts with onboarding, so make the most of those first moments with your new employees. Training and development software—like Lessonly by Seismic—can reduce ramp time by 5x. Help your employees hit the ground running with help from a great training program. 

5. Increased speed of change 

If you know you’ve got a lot to throw at your employees soon, it’s time to take a close look at your training and development plan. Can it handle all of the questions, content, and curveballs that your employees will need to manage? Now is the time to take stock. 

6. Reduced errors 

Better training=better employees. With a thorough training program, silly little mistakes are a thing of the past. Why? Because employees have a clear, go-to reference to turn to when they have a nagging suspicion that they aren’t following best practices, processes, or procedures. 

7. Decreased turnover 

Well-trained people don’t leave as often. When employees are given career development paths and training that’s enriching, motivation increases and turnover diminishes. If turnover is a problem in your organization, it’s time to consider a better training program. 

Choosing effective training techniques for your objectives

Now that you have a better understanding of why your training techniques matter, the only thing left is deciding which training delivery methods will work best for you. Often, organizations decide to mesh a few different training methods for employees

We could give you a long list of examples of training and development programs for employees—job shadowing, 1:1 coaching, book learning, role play. The list goes on. But if you’re looking to streamline your onboarding process, choose a few types of training and stick to those. Then, keep it consistent. Build a routine program so that you can test whether or not your program is meeting the objectives you care about most. 

Reach your training and development goals with Lessonly by Seismic

At Lessonly, we naturally believe in the power of software to help you meet your training objectives. So many methods of training and development are easily translated to online training platforms—like ours! See how Lessonly’s training, enablement, and coaching software incorporates a variety of methods to deliver impressive results. Schedule a 15-minute call with our team today. 

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