Training and Development: A Successful Domino Effect That Leads to Employee Retention and Better Work

During our time working with more than 1,200 companies, we’ve noticed a flaw. It appears that some organizations go through lengthy processes to recruit and onboard employees, which is great, but then they neglect to develop and implement intentional training and development programs to help them reach their full potential. 

But it’s a fact that an effective employee training and development process is the best way for organizations to get the most bang for their recruitment buck. That’s because it provides a seamless transition from new employee to high-performing teammate. 

What Is Training and Development? 

Training and development for employees is an ongoing process that includes any activity that helps them gain new, or improve existing, knowledge or skills. When you compare training vs development, they really do go hand-in-hand, but they also have important and distinct differences.

Training is a formal process that involves receiving and learning essential knowledge and skills. Development helps teams and employees hone knowledge and skills to  improve their performance at work. ​​For example, training a new sales rep would include familiarizing them with the organization’s products, contract procedures, and other internal processes that guarantee the new hire has the same tools and support as the rest of the team to meet sales goals and follow company procedures. Development of that rep, however, takes a different form. Development areas for sales may include helping a rep improve their negotiation tactics or delivering a more seamless demo experience to prospects. It’s also important to note that training is just one specific and common form of employee development. Other types of training include coaching, mentoring, informal learning, self-directed learning, or experiential learning.

Similarities Between Training and Development

Companies that immediately engage in employee growth and potential learning opportunities—from the moment an individual is hired to the moment they leave—will greatly impact future employee performance and dedication. We can’t stress the importance of customized, on-going training and development enough. It doesn’t stop when onboarding stops. The best employees receive training throughout their entire career within an organization. Training and development work together in so many ways, including:

  • They are both the long-term goal and essential elements of corporate strategy and employee career development.
  • Both are vital to the success and efficiency of an organization.
  • Both bridge the gap between employers and employees and instill a lot of learning.
  • Both improve job performance and help employees grow professionally in the workplace. 
  • Both provide practical knowledge of the corporation, which elevates the capability of the employees.
  • Both increase the performance of employees

What Are the Benefits of Employee Training and Development?

There are just so many things wrapped up within the importance of training and development. But here are some of our favorite benefits.

  • It helps employees become better at their jobs and overcome performance gaps that are based on lack of knowledge or skills.
  • It helps organizations and teams be more productive and achieve improved business outcomes, leading to a competitive advantage over other companies.
  • It helps companies be more original and agile in responding to change and can assist with necessary upskilling and reskilling to help organizations ensure that their labor force meets their current needs.
  • It’s an effective tool for recruiting and retention.
  • It helps identify high-performing employees and assists them with the development of knowledge and skills they need to advance into more senior roles.

Train and Develop Your Employees with Lessonly

The benefits and value of training and development act like a domino effect that goes something like this: Leaders feel competent and can efficiently influence employee performance → skilled and engaged employees lead to higher job satisfaction, commitment, and retention → this workforce improvement and engagement benefits an organization’s overall profit. And Lessonly’s training software is the perfect tool to get the ripple effect going. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started with a preview!

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