A Real-Life Example of How to Use Certification Management Software

When I was in college, I had the chance to intern with an organization that serves orphaned and vulnerable kids in the U.S., Nigeria, India, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Mexico.

Hang with me, I promise we’ll talk about certification management software here in a bit! 

The non-profit I worked for partners with children’s homes in different cities around the world to provide additional resources like money, people, labor, support, food, tutoring, counseling, and more. Long story short, this organization links arms with people already doing great work to provide reinforcements. Here’s a pic of my friend and staff member, Monique, and one of the kiddos we got to know.

During my two summers with this non-profit, I learned a ton about myself, other people, teamwork, training, the global orphan crisis, the impact of trauma on behavior, and how to care for at-risk kids. And, when I look back at why those summers were so successful, the answer clearly stands out. It was all possible thanks to thoughtful training.

What was the training like?

When I interned with this organization, we didn’t use a formal certification management system at the time. But, there was a talent management system to help us onboard, fill out paperwork, and learn the basics about the internship program prior to arriving in June. 

Once the intern team arrived, we spent several days in training workshops and sessions with our Intern Coordinator, who was essentially a competency manager, where we learned answers to simple, questions like:

  • Where do we keep the band-aids?
  • Are we allowed to be friends with the older kids in the homes on Facebook?
  • Can interns drive the team vans?
  • What’s the ideal amount of food to pack if we’re feeding a group of 50 people?

But we also watched videos, listened to lectures, role played, and had in-depth discussions about the impact that trauma has on kids’ lives

  • How do I show empathy, not pity in my interactions with these kids?
  • How do I kindly correct and discipline a child who harms another child?
  • At what point do I need to reach out to a staff member if a child is acting out?

At that time, every intern and volunteer went through a program called “Trauma Competent Care” to learn the answers to these questions. This program helped us develop team skills and provided us with an overview of how to interact with the kids we spent time with. But, real-time tracking on the progress of those skills wasn’t possible because we didn’t complete a formal assessment. Instead, we put our training into practice while on-the-job, which worked at that time. But, the organization has grown a lot since then.

How is their training evolving?

Now, they use training management software. They also rolled out a new organization—Trauma Free World, an organization that provides resources and training on trauma-informed care with the hope of helping children heal and break the cycle of intergenerational trauma.

In order to do this, they have an entire competency management system and competency library filled with recorded content, certifications, and multi-language training workshops that are also for sale through its website. This digital certificate management and training content helps foster parents, caregivers at children’s homes, and volunteers provide better-informed care for kids with trauma in their background. 

Why does any of this matter?

I know this isn’t quite the typical post on our blog, but here’s why this is all relevant: This new arm of an organization I care so much about is possible only because they’re using the best training management software for them—and as a result, more people are informed and able to provide better care for orphaned and vulnerable children than ever.

This is also possible because bite-sized training content and certifications are delivered digitally and trackable. Their training materials are also filled with dynamic content like videos, interactive elements, follow-up questions, and more. It’s easy to see who’s grasping the content and who needs more support and training. 

Lessonly is certification management software for growing teams

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