How Online Training Can Impact Your Company Culture for the Better

If you’ve spent more than 13 seconds on our website, you’ve probably already picked up on the fact that we are kind of obsessed with company culture. That’s because we’ve spent so much time and effort being intentional about what we want our own culture to look and feel like, and because company cultures can make or break organizations. I guess what we’re trying to say is that it’s worth it if you have a super rad one.

We’ve also experienced firsthand how much online training software can help shape any company’s culture—including ours. 

A Quick Reminder on Company Culture

Company culture is often defined as the set of shared values and goals that are established within an organization. It’s pre-existing in your company’s genetic code. And, it encompasses the attitude and practices a company upholds, and as your team grows, you’ll find that it can change in unexpected and rewarding ways.

If You Aren’t Familiar with Online Training Software

Online training software, also known as e-learning software or computer-based training software, enables organizations to train and share knowledge with their teams online. An online employee training platform makes it easy to build, deliver, and track training efforts through one easy-to-use online platform. It’s designed to help teams learn the information they need to be successful at work. And, making the switch from classroom-based training to a training management software brings big benefits for businesses of any size.

So, How Can Online Training Software Shape Your Company Culture?

There’s a quote by Sir Richard Branson that says, “There’s no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated.” A disengaged workforce can cost your business thousands in loss of productivity and high staff turnover. And, it’s no secret that training and development can actually improve company culture.

When organizations turn to training tools for employees it becomes a bit more obvious that it values employee growth and development, which is a very large indicator of a great company culture. In fact, a recent study shows that a whopping 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if they simply invested in helping them learn. But, providing ongoing training and growth opportunities is no small task. By turning to training and development software tools, organizations can easily provide training and development at scale instead of pulling employees into all-day training sessions. These online training tools are a great way for employees to access training when and where they want, which leads to higher engagement and productivity—all of which are crucial to your company’s culture. 

So, take a moment now to think about your company culture…

What’s it like? Are you happy with it? What needs to change?

Building and improving your company culture doesn’t happen in a day. It takes time and needs to be cultivated early on if possible. 

At Lessonly, we believe that access to information is more important than perfect mastery of that information. So, we designed our training development software to foster a learning environment where all types of learners are addressed, and, therefore, feel like they are a contributing and valuable part of the team.

Encourage a Positive Learning Culture

At the end of the day, when your employees receive training, they are likely to feel empowered and confident in their skills and knowledge.

Imagine that same learning sentiment echoing throughout your company. Managers can feel assured by their team, and in turn, your customers are going to be happier. It creates a positive feedback loop! And, as your team constantly learns and improves through interactive training software, it becomes contagious throughout the entire organization.

The more your team knows, the more your team is likely to support each other and encourage self-development. The benefit of a positive company culture is that you’ll have continual growth among your staff, and training can happen organically and on an ongoing basis. The result? You’ll end up with a highly motivated and productive team!


Hook Up With the Best Training Tools Through Lessonly

As an employer, training your staff properly is one of the best things you can do to improve company culture and cultivate a high-performing workforce. E-learning tools such as Lessonly can help professionals learn relevant industry skills. And, when done correctly, a high investment in learning like this can prove invaluable for any company.  Want to see what Lessonly’s online training software is all about? Jump into a free lesson to learn more!

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