How to Save Time and Money With a Training Management System

Okay, so we went over the turn-off’s of in-person employee training in our this recent blog post, so surely you’re sold on why you need an employee training management system. But let’s dive deeper, shall we? Because these systems are packed full of benefits and llama-zing features…

What Are the Best Training Management System Features

Turns out a majority of managers are not happy with the state of employee development at their companies. According to a report by the Harvard Business Review, about 75% of managers are dissatisfied with their company’s learning and development efforts. In fact, there are several breakdowns, including learning for the wrong reasons, learning the wrong things, and a lack of application of what’s learned on the job.

While each training management system (tms) comes with different functionalities, there are some top things we think every system needs to include:

  • A reporting system that links up with your employee training system. This means you can report on any of your training data instantly, without any additional work for your team. It also means once you have your reports set up, they will always be updated in real-time and display the most recent version of the data when you open them.
  • The best training management software also allows you to publish your courses online directly. This means you don’t need to waste time making edits in two places, and your content will always be completely up to date.

Save Some Time and Money

Yep, that’s right—the best training management systems save you both of these things, and isn’t that a good-looking couple?

And, with an employee training management system, you can check off more boxes on your task lists without increasing your headcount. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Let’s take a closer look at how a training management system can save your organization time and money.

Save Time ⏰

  • Use an automated communications feature to automate training emails to your team. After you write the content and set the trigger event, the email will send automatically without the need for any further work from your team.
  • Manage everything from one place rather than logging in and out of lots of different places to get everything done.
  • Employees from all over the business access training information directly, when and where it’s best for them.

Save Money 💰

  • Get more done with the same sized team, so there’s no need to hire new employees to create or deliver training. 
  • A training management system has the functionality of a number of other systems you may be currently paying for separately, meaning you can make the move to one system to handle most of your tasks and save on those monthly software bills.
  • An e-learning platform eliminates irrelevant traveling for training. With online training, employees can access their courses from anywhere, abolishing the need to pay for employees to physically attend training, as well as the need to pay for a professional to travel to your offices to train your employees.

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