Don’t Rock the Boat: Why Employee Training Is Crucial to Keep Your Company Afloat

Show of hands—who would rather participate in training through employee training management software instead of attending in-person training sessions?

That’s what we thought.

You may rely on in-person training and regular meetings to keep your team up-to-date with the information and skills they need. But, it’s also easy to lean on the honor system or an if-you-can-make-it style with this style of training. Unfortunately, when the people in the back of the room zoned out, you won‘t be able to tell what they actually understood and what they didn’t unless they ask questions. But, things are-a-changin’ in the business world: ILT learning just isn’t an effective method for employee training. Just like a new car, as soon as your employees walk out of the door, half of what they learned is lost. However, when they have a resource, like always-accessible lessons in their company’s training management software, they can review at a time that is best for them. And that my friends, is something we should all be on board with. 

Benefits of Training Management Software

Compared to traditional classroom training, employee training software offers a wealth of advantages, including time and cost savings as well as efficient onboarding and ongoing training. Here are the specific ways employee training management systems positively impact organizations.

Create efficient onboarding

Onboarding is so much easier if your organization is armed with the best employee training software. It’s extremely user-friendly, training content can be distributed quickly, and it takes only a few clicks to access training. And since this tool includes multiple ways to absorb learning employees can learn in the way they find most helpful.

Cut back on training time and costs

Let’s hear it for helping the bottom line, people! Training platforms for employees make it possible to participate in training at the office, or at home, rather than attending a training session that impacts productivity at the company’s expense. And once the online course is in place, you can use it repeatedly instead of shelling out more money to cover training over and over again.

Track training data

Another bonus? With a clearer window into performance and training achievements, managers can easily identify gaps in training and where there’s room for improvement. It also helps them better visualize where the team stands in regards to training as a whole. In fact, employee training records give managers and supervisors a more transparent view of employee progress, which also supports building better relationships.

Attract better talent

Better training attracts better people. Talented and experienced workers who have choices about where they work next naturally gravitate towards companies that offer ongoing training and development. Good training software shows that the company is well-equipped to bring new people in, and that alone can have an impact on driving interest to open positions.

Retain employees

Giving high-quality training not only benefits your employees, it makes business sense. Proper training at the beginning helps produce job satisfaction at all levels, and cutting the turnover rate will also give your business more stability. Like a boat attached to a dock, if people are continually stepping on and off, the boat keeps-a-rockin’, creating an unstable environment for everyone on board.

So, when it comes to your organization’s employee training program, are you sinking or swimming? It’s important to remember that technology is constantly improving and so are the methods to deliver more effective and efficient onboarding, enablement, and coaching. If you’re ready to embark on better training, it’s time to take a look at training management software.

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You read it here: The days where classroom training sessions alone were sufficient are long gone. As more and more systems and processes go digital, the best way to equip your team for success is through online training software. See a preview here and learn more today. 

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