Employee Training Tools Designed to Build More Muscle

Whether you’re a novice taking the first steps toward fitness, or an exercise fanatic hoping to optimize your results, a well-rounded fitness training program is essential. And in order to reach that maximum bench press, you need the proper tools.

As it turns out, you also need proper training tools to do your best work on the job, too. Just like in the weight room, there are different training methods to build different strengths, and when used the right way you see real results. After all, you wouldn’t use hand weights to build leg muscles, now would ya?

It takes serious effort to create a training program that actually sticks after your employees have gone through it and started their jobs, much like training programs that actually stick after you’ve demonstrated all those burpees and squats in the gym.

Training Tools for Work

Whether your company operates across the globe, helps customers during thousands of interactions, or sells products to other organizations and people, you want to make sure work knowledge and skills stay with your workers for the long term. Some crucial training tools and methods of training and development include:

  • Software that keeps employees on the same page at all times.
  • A hands-on approach to give employees more tangible training.
  • On-the-job practice for the opportunity to improve skills and get helpful feedback. 

How Work Training Tools Are Similiar to Exercise Training Tools

With the right equipment and tools, it’s totally possible to get an effective strength training workout from any gym or workout facility. So whether you create your own fitness training program or enlist the help of a personal trainer, the tools you have will impact the quality of your workout.

But in short, you need certain “tools” to start training both at work and in a weight room.

Just like training for personal strength does the same for your fitness goals, onboarding a new teammate sets the tone for their experience at your organization. If the process is productive and smooth, your employees are more likely to flourish since they’ve been prepped with proper workplace training to jumpstart productive work habits.

One important thing to remember: Successful onboarding doesn’t take just a few days or weeks. In fact, according to Recruit Shop, it can often take as long as a year to two for an employee to feel completely comfortable and confident within their position. It’s not something you rush through and finish during an employee’s first day, week, or even month. Take the time to build these muscles.

It’s All About the Right Training Delivery Methods

Once you know what you want to teach employees during onboarding, it’s time to decide on the most effective training strategies to do so employees are ensured to actually get the info they need. This can be tough, especially when many companies don’t fully understand the definition of a solid training delivery method. In essence, a training delivery method is a way you get information to your employees. There are a lot of ways to do this, but let’s focus on one of our favorite delivery methods: online training.

Online Training Tools and Development Methods

Online training software, also known as computer-based training software, delivers training through computers and even smartphones. This type of digital training can mimic classroom-style training, support different training formats like video and quizzes, and empower learners to complete training at their own pace.

Here are just a few reasons why we prefer online training platforms over traditional, classroom-style training:

  • It’s more efficient and even requires fewer resources. 
  • It’s more effective and delivers information in a way that allows learners to retain it longer.
  • It’s often easier to use because employees can use the software in the way that suits them best, rather than making do with a trainer’s teaching style.
  • It has increased tracking capabilities which allow managers and trainers to monitor training progress.

Exercise the muscle of effective training with Lessonly

Gym-itation is real, as are the jitters of onboarding new employees. Customizable training materials with Lessonly’s training and development software tools enable teams to learn quickly and become as strong as possible. Ready to learn more? Click on any of the tiles below.


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