8 Workplace Training Trends for 2021

While it seems like 2020 lasted for several years, we’re finally in a new year. There’s no question that our work lives have been more disrupted than ever before and that has accelerated a lot of training trends that were slowly making their way into our work culture.

Work and life are blended together now more than anytime in world history because of remote working’s impact and that’s caused these trends to have bigger implications than in the past. Workplace training, mental health resources, e-learning software, work-life balance, employee development software and so much more now have a different look and feel. As we cautiously step into 2021, we’ve also realized there are a LOT of new and solidified trends. Let’s take a closer look at some of them. 

1. Modern technologies scale to meet workers’ mental health needs.

A study from Workplace Intelligence and Oracle identified that workers believe that last year was “the most stressful year in history” and that three out of four workers struggled at work due to anxiety caused by Covid-19. When employees suffer stress and other mental health issues, they tend to turn towards technology before humans for support.

2. A dispersed and decentralized global workforce.

According to LinkedIn, workers are relocating to feel safe, save money, and have more space now that they don’t have to be in physical offices and can work remotely. Thanks to online employee training and development, 83% of employees are in favor of relocating as part of remote working while 20% have already done so either temporarily or permanently. With a decentralized workplace, employees are making more because the cost of living in second-tier cities and suburbs is lower, and two-thirds of employees are willing to take a pay cut to work remotely.

3. Virtual learning and online training platforms are now the new norm.

That means some major shifts for some industries and individual businesses. As a result, companies will find they save a surprising amount of money without the need to pay for travel, accommodations, etc. with physical seminars. Businesses will increasingly find the need to develop digital content and turn to a learning management system that meets the needs of their learners.

4. Smaller teams will remain the norm.

The pandemic ushered in unparalleled financial challenges for businesses large and small. It’s probably safe to say that no business has been unscathed. One of the immediate results of that was a necessary downsizing in teams. That trend will continue into 2021 as businesses try to recoup lost profitability without hiring more talent and tapping into the world of free online training software.

5. Hellooooo, hybrid workplace and workforce.

Instead of taking extreme approaches to work environments, many companies have a hybrid approach, where employees come into the office for a few days, while working remotely for the rest. This hybrid workplace model allows for structure and sociability (at an office) while offering independence and flexibility (at home).

6. Increased digital transformation of the workplace.

The impact of COVID-19 gave us two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months. Two separate studies by McKinsey and KPMG found that at least 80% of leaders accelerated the implementation of technology due to Covid-19. Employee training management software continues to grow in popularity, and with larger skills gaps, more interactive training software is necessary for employees to support the digital transformation needs and speed of change.

7. More focus on collaborative work.

Smaller teams and fewer employees means the need for greater collaboration. To support that need, organizations will put technology and employee training software in place to help employees understand the new normal, how to communicate effectively in cross-team and department situations, and on collaborative work processes.

8. Greater focus on work-life skills.

More employees now expect companies to provide them with access to courses that do not directly apply to their position with the firm but nevertheless help them live happier, more content, or healthier lives. Companies should largely be willing to do so, as it becomes easier for employees to thrive and maximize productivity when they lead happy lives.

Turn Workplace Training Trends into Business Results with Lessonly

Workforce training is at the top of the trends and is growing every day. Training and development in the workplace are not about just getting the job done. It’s about excelling and exceeding the expectations set. It’s about not being happy with completion, but rather being pleased with exceptional work. Let us help—take a demo and see what all the hype is about.

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