The New Kid on the Block: How Online Training Software Accelerates Employee Training

Real talk: It’s hard work making sure your large team gets the onboarding and ongoing training experience we dream of them having. Amiright?

The Fix: Online Training Software. Also known as e-learning software or computer-based training software, this helpful tool enables organizations to train and share knowledge with their teams online. Online training platforms for business make it easy to build, deliver, and track training efforts through one easy-to-use online platform.

Old School Employee Training

Remember the bad 80s employee training videos? These videos were part college kid editing, part creepy babysitter, and 100% pure gold. They were so bad it’s hard to believe someone actually got paid to put these together, and we can only imagine what the employees were thinking as they were forced to sit through and watch them. But oh how they bring us so much joy today…

Employee training in ways like forcing your staff to watch decades-old videos, holding non-interactive classroom sessions, reading thick training manuals, and hosting pricey off-sites with external trainers are all methods of the past. Classroom training can be monotonous. The information crammed in one session is often too much for the brain to handle at once. And, as a result, retention suffers.

New School Employee Training

[Sound the 🎺 🎺 🎺.] Enter new employee onboarding and learning software. Online training software as a form of employee training makes it easy to build, deliver, and track your new employee’s training efforts. Not only is it easy for employers to use, but it also creates a seamless learning experience for your new hires and seasoned teammates alike. By incorporating an online teaching software into your training strategy, it’ll be easy to create best-in-class training programs. Let’s learn more.

How does online training software accelerate your training program?

Personalize learning paths

Aside from having the required experience and being a good culture fit, new hires are going to come to you with diverse skill sets and backgrounds. Training management software makes it easy to customize each new hire’s onboarding experience to cater to their specific needs. You’ll be able to hook them up with the live virtual classroom they need and throw out the material they won’t. Just as no two employees will arrive with the same skill sets, no two will have the same career trajectory either. While onboarding is usually associated with new hires, employees moving up the ranks often need a little onboarding and training, too. Online learning is the perfect way to connect their previous training with the learning they’ll need to stay productive moving forward.  

Diversify content delivery

It’s no secret that there are different learning styles, and what works for one person may not work for another. How information is presented will have a significant impact on your team’s ability to retain and recall what they’ve learned. A learning management system (LMS) provides diverse options for delivering your learning materials. Engage employees with content that incorporates traditional text, video, audio, online collaboration, social media, quizzes, games, and more. You can also optimize busy schedules with micro-learning (short courses) that can be completed in brief bursts. Diverse content delivery helps improve the accessibility of your onboarding and training, fostering a more inclusive work environment. An LMS makes it easy to give employees the information they need in a way that works best for them, enabling everyone on your team to get up to speed and hard at work without barriers.

Create consistency as you scale

Gone are the days when the managers or leaders of your team have time to oversee the training of each new hire. Maybe it’s because they’re busier, or perhaps it’s because your company is growing too fast for them to keep up. Either way, do yourself a solid and use free online training platforms to secure training consistency. It’ll turn “your way” into a tried-and-true method for onboarding that’s both repeatable and scalable. As long as you update your training to keep it fresh, you’ll never have to worry about how efficiently your employees reach productivity. Online course platforms don’t just improve the quality of your employee onboarding, they accelerate it. Whether you’re just starting to build your onboarding program or you’re ready to fine-tune it, software to create online training courses is the way to go.

Track progress

“How many steps do you have?” Ever heard or said that new popular phrase? If so, you know how important (and motivating) progress tracking can be. The same applies to your employee training software. Not only will your staff know exactly where they are in their onboarding and training process, but so will you. With a few clicks, you’ll be able to see whether they’re on track, or if they could use a hand to keep things moving.


Empower your team with the skills and knowledge they need to do Better Work

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