3 Tips for Picking the Perfect Learning Content Management System for Your Team

If you’ve found yourself on a search for a learning content management system, odds are you’ve identified a few problems. 

And that is more than ok—identifying your problems, or understanding your “why” is a great place to start. Software is only software if it doesn’t solve something. 

The problem at hand

So maybe the problem is that your team’s information is all over the place. Between docs that float around amongst reps, email updates that you hope the team reads (but suspect some don’t), 1:1 discussions, and your tenured rep’s brains, it’s everywhere. And putting the right information in front of your teams at the right time, or giving them easy access to information in their moment-of-need seems like a dream. And creating and disseminating engaging content in one place? Amazing. Tracking results and efficacy? STOP. 

The good news is that your problems are solvable. The bad news? You’ve got a big decision ahead of you. More good news? I’m going to try to help. 

Let’s do this thing

So where do you start? If you’ve googled “list of learning management systems” or something similar (and let’s be honest, that’s probably how you ended up here), you’re likely seeing a lot of acronyms. CMS. LMS. LCMS software. We are an industry fraught with acronyms. 

I want to draw your attention to the third option. The LCMS. Where a CMS provides tools to write, publish, and manage web content, and an LMS facilitates administration, tracking, and learning, you can think of the LCMS as the best of both worlds. In the simplest terms, the learning content management system definition = content + learning. It’s a powerful combo. 

If you’re confused about the definition of LCMS vs LMS, it may be helpful to know that in the training world, many top LCMS vendors have omitted the “C,” as it’s generally assumed now that a learning management system would also have content capabilities.

Choosing the right LMS

So now that we’ve sifted through the acronyms, we can focus on the task at hand. How do I choose a learning management system?

1. Find a partner that will help you focus on outcomes

You’ve done the hard work of identifying your problems and researching solutions. Once you’ve keyed in on some great options, it’s time to put that potential partner to the test. Asking how their solution can make it easier for your reps to find the right information at the right time is a great question. But a good partner should show you the broader picture: If your reps can find what they need faster, can they sell better? Can they reduce the length of their sales cycles? These are the deeper questions hiding underneath the symptoms you’re experiencing, and a great partner will help you get there.

2. Consider the importance of adoption

I know you’re not doing all this work to have your e-learning system end up in a tech stack graveyard. The best way to ensure the rollout of your new LCMS (learning content management system) is a success is to choose a system that was designed with your learners in mind. If a system is difficult to navigate, or does not make your reps better at what they do, or help them live better lives, adoption will be a struggle. At Lessonly, we put the learner first, always, because we know that is the key to a phenomenal training program. 

3. Imagine the future

Researching, vetting, presenting, deliberating—these are not easy things. By the time you’ve chosen a partner for your training program, you are likely not wanting to repeat this process over and over again. This is why it’s so important to think about the future of your partnership. Ask yourself, “Is this partner committed to growing with my organization?” And maybe even ask your future partner. Lessonly believes in doubling down on outcomes, constantly iterating and making your life (and of course, the lives of your learners) better as your partner in Better Work

I hope these 3 tips will help you navigate this search a little bit easier. If this resonated, I’d love to talk more about doing Better Work together. Thanks for reading!


So, let’s talk about Lessonly 💛

Frontline teams move fast when they have alignment and great training. With Lessonly, you can learn, practice, and perform like never before with your teammates and find an LCMS that grows with you. Learn more here

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