The Best Way to Track Training Progress

As computers have changed how we do better work, it’s also caused us to reevaluate how we provide that great work to our customers. Let’s think back to the way our parents and the generation before us worked. It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago they wrapped up their long day of paperwork to get in the family car with no floorboard and stone wheels and run home to the pet dinosaur.

Okay, that feels like a stretch from a timeline perspective but the point is: One generation’s technological advances and the invention of the internet caused us to reinvent the wheel.

As a leader within your organization, you have the unlimited power to utilize technology for the better. So, where should you start focusing? We might be a bit biased at Lessonly, but I would say no one can argue with the fact that good training is the key to getting your employees off to a great start. But what is “good training?”

Training over the ages 

In order to offer the best training program, you should think about your first experience as a learner. Let’s go back to being kids in grade school. For most of us, this was our first time learning l outside of natural teaching from our parental figures.  Since then, we haven’t stopped learning. So that means we’ve all spent the last few decades preparing for this post…did you just get goosebumps too?

For many generations, the same basic steps were used in school education. First, you would introduce yourself to the material through reading or from a teacher. Then, you would spend some time working through examples.  Finally, you would prove your knowledge with workbook pages, written essays, quizzes, or the always dreaded final exam.

But now think about how the next generation is being taught with a slightly different, technologically-infused model. The way new students are learning is through an interactive and progress tracking system that allows both students and teachers to see their progress over time. This is where one of the key benefits of technology shines through, it isn’t just a tool to educate but also to track the progression of the learned material. By understanding what students have learned and when, teachers can better understand where the student is down to the specific paragraph, flashcard, and even test question. This is relatively simple from an education perspective because the material is not often changing however in a business context, it adds a few extra steps to the mix. 

So, how do you track your employees’ training?

The answer is simple— training tracking software. It really is just that easy, but as a business leader, it’s important to not only know what is needed but why it is needed. The benefits of using employee training software to replace excel spreadsheets and manual checklists is twofold.

First, online training software provides your employees with a learning experience that sets them up for success whether it’s someone’s first week on the job or if they are a seasoned pro.. Your company is ever-changing and you are always learning more about your customers, industry, and market. Because of this, your services or the products themselves are also always changing. This means that ongoing training is a no-brainer. Simply put, utilizing online employee training and development is the best option to keep your team up-to-date.

The second benefit of an employee-focused eLearning software is that it keeps a trackable and auditable record of your employees’ training. Employee training records show you and any other business leader in the company when your employee started their training and the progression they have made on the material. This training tracker allows for you to check-in with your team and come alongside them to check-in and support them where you see best.

Track training and do better work with Lessonly

We believe that an online training system is the best way for you to keep your team up-to-date on their training and ready to serve your clients. We know that employee training management software can seem intimidating but we promise it is not and we have a team that is dedicated to supporting you. Learn more about Lessonly’s tracking features here, or check out one of the resources down below. 

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