Make Your Learning Team a Winning Team with Online Training Software

Fact: You need to learn how to create an online training program before you can build one that leaves a lasting impact on your agents and customers. But first, you need to truly know your customers.

For any business to succeed, it needs to be hyper-focused on its customers. And, the same is true for learning teams!

Learning teams are unique though, in that they have two distinct customer groups:

  1. The organizational stakeholders who require a learning intervention to produce a given ROI, and
  2. The actual learner who needs to find relevant information in order to do their job well.

Since our world is optimizing for remote work, many teams are turning to an online learning management system or online training software to serve their learners and executive stakeholders. Additionally, with instructor-led training still a focus, training teams are also adding virtual classroom software to their training software stack to create a live virtual classroom experience, even remotely.

Tempting, but…

Although it’s tempting to purely recreate your previous training strategy in an online environment, now is a great time to take a step back and evaluate the direction your learning team should go in the future. To do this, you need to first figure out what you’re trying to accomplish.

Define your objectives

Successful learning teams have objectives that are “tool agnostic.” In other words, they start with the result in mind, and figure out what tools to use to get there. Most functional training teams will have outcomes they’re held to. Things like:

  • Increase CSAT by 25%
  • Decrease onboarding time by 50%
  • Increase average quota attainment by 20%

Caps and gowns and sales success

Being “tool agnostic” is exactly how Jostens began their search for a process that would take their sales force to the next level. If you ever ordered a high school yearbook or rented a cap and gown, you’re probably familiar with Jostens, or at least one of their competitors.

What you may not know is that Jostens’ sales force is made up of thousands of independent sellers. This poses a challenge when it comes to training. Since the sellers are not employees, Jostens is not able to require new product training. This made Jostens ask a simple question:

How can we design a learning program that independent sellers will use voluntarily?

To answer the question, they first went to the sellers, and found out that they actually wanted training. But not in the form of long manuals and extensive Zoom calls. Rather, they wanted access to information they could find in their moment of need that would instantly help them get better at their jobs.

With their problem and solution defined, they began looking for tools that would help them present simple, and applicable learning material to their sellers. After the search, they became a Lessonly customer, and have seen seller engagement and approval spike to 98%.

Challenge your current process

Even as teams start heading back into the office, online learning platforms and e-learning software can have a clear advantage. There are many reasons these tools have seen successful in a functional learning environment, but a few include:

  • Online courses covering topics at a high-level will ensure a productive conversation on a Zoom call, or instructor-led training session
  • Online training courses allow training leaders to measure learner retention
  • The ability to create on-demand practice sessions in platforms like Lessonly help frontline teams perfect their messaging before they’re in front of a customer

Regardless of what lies ahead for your learning team, it’s important to define your objectives and talk to your learners—all while staying “tool agnostic” in order to make a long term impact on your organization.


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