6 Reasons Virtual Training Software Brings Value to Remote Teams

Lots of my phone calls and conversations during this season of staying home have included a common question—“What’s something you’ve learned during this time?” I love hearing people’s answers. 

While I feel like we’re all personally learning a whole slew of things, one thing I’ve learned professionally is that a company’s messaging in non-crisis times needs to hold true in times of crisis, too. Thankfully, our pre-pandemic words at Lessonly are still true mid-pandemic. Some of the phrasing we’re forever and always using is…

  • We help teams do Better Work so they live better lives.
  • We put learners first.
  • We empower teams to learn, practice, and perform like never before.
  • We think teams maximize alignment when everyone has access to thoughtful training.

The truth is, empathy, alignment, and virtual training have never been more relevant or valuable than they are right now. But, where teams historically would lean on in-person training sessions and workshops, they’re now relying solely on online learning tools for distance learning. This is a challenge at times, but good news—meaningful training is at your disposal with purpose-built online learning technology.

We could write a whole book about why we think virtual training software brings value to remote teams, but we’ll spare you and instead leave you with six reasons to appreciate distance learning technology to support learning.

1. Training content is updatable.

Half of alignment is about communication. Getting everyone on the same page is possible with thoughtful leaders and managers who keep a content e-learning library up-to-date and accurate as the source of truth for dispersed employees. Policies and procedures no longer need to live in Google or Word docs. Instead, they can be updated and available to everyone in seconds.

2. Teammates can learn whenever works best for them.

Virtual training software is respectful and mindful of your team’s time. Not everyone has a workload that allows for a half-day training every month or a company-wide webinar on new updates to a product or feature. If learners have time early in the morning, late at night, on their lunch break, or whenever else—that’s perfect. Virtual training software allows managers to set deadlines, track lesson completion, and let employees work more autonomously and effectively.

3. Teammates can learn wherever works best for them.

In that same vein, teammates have the luxury of learning on mobile devices, desktops, on-the-go or in their homes with online teaching software. Using technology as a learning tool affords teams the flexibility to learn in the location of their choice and on the device of their choice.

4. Training becomes more interactive.

With online training, learning feels like less of a burden or lecture and more like a partnership. Digital learning tools allow for leaders and managers to sprinkle in quizzes, videos, gifs, text, flip cards, quote blocks, and more, right into their training. While in-person sessions and classroom learning absolutely have their places, engaging teams by providing them with ways to touch, feel, and experience the content you’re teaching them online is highly effective, too.

5. Practicing becomes simple. 

For frontline teams who use Lessonly, reps use our On-Demand Practice tool if they’re feeling rusty in certain situations and want to polish up their skills. Gone are the days of waiting for training workshops or the next round of enablement to level-up things like communication, clarity, enthusiasm, and more. If you want to learn more about our Practice tool, we’ve got you covered.

6. Virtual training software makes Better Work possible.

Here at Lessonly, we talk a ton about Better Work because it’s our mission: We exist to help teams do Better Work and live better lives. This looks like operational and relational success, and virtual training software allows teams to hone their skills in the safety of Lessonly while still having the humanness and connection of feedback loops with managers and team leaders.

Ready to learn more about virtual training?

We’re ready for that, too. Click on any of the tiles below to learn how Lessonly helps remote frontline teams around the world learn, practice, and perform—whether they’re physically together or spread out across the globe!

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