Sitting Behind the Front Desk: Lessons from the Rosebud Motel

If you’ve been lucky enough to fall into the epic series that is Schitt’s Creek, you’ll notice that it blossoms from one location: The front desk at the Rosebud Motel. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the synopsis with moderate spoilers: Rich family loses it all, family starts over in a run-down motel, family becomes invested in the motel and town, and family is epically changed through all sorts of relationships.

As I watched (to be fair, binged) the series, what stood out to me as a turning point was when Johnny Rose gradually learned how things worked at the motel and subsequently became focused on ensuring the success of the overall business. Soon he was not just working the front desk— he was personally invested in helping the motel succeed.

How does this translate outside of Schitt’s Creek? Your “front desk” is your frontline employees. They are the face of your company and can make or break your future success.

So, how can you get employees to not just root for your success, but actively participate in your growth by ensuring customers have a good experience?

Sharing the same story

 Much like the residents of Schitt’s Creek, we all have different backgrounds. Online training development software can help bring teams together. Your frontline teammates need to feel part of the entire team, and there is no better way to ensure consistency than employee training management software.

 By focusing on online learning for employees, you ensure that your message is the same, no matter the location or focus of your team. This is extremely important, as customers need to expect the same dialogue from your frontline employees no matter who they talk to. Whether it’s new products, service changes, or pricing, all of this constantly changing information should be disseminated in the same way to keep it all on-brand.

Train them and they will stay

Let’s take a look at retention and keeping your frontline happy. The frontlines are stressful. They typically have the highest turnover of any department. You want to make sure you have employees who feel like they are equipped to handle any situation so it’s important to keep their morale and satisfaction high. Interactive training software is an easy way to make sure that everyone feels like they have the right tools and knowledge to do their job.

 Training also gives your frontline employees an opportunity for advancement. It allows them to be in control of their learning and development, and this in turn contributes to your overall company culture. By enabling your frontline to learn and reach for their career goals, they are happier and become long term advocates for your company.

Learning = engagement

Frontline employees are critical when your goal is to deliver a best-in-class experience for your customers. It’s no surprise that the most engaged employees are the ones who customers rave about. These employees go above and beyond and create loyalty in your customer base. By utilizing an online employee training platform, you can deliver learning to the rockstars of your business, helping them become more engaged in their jobs. Learners can visualize their progress and become self-motivated by viewing where they need to focus their learning.

There are lots of open source e-learning authoring tools out there that focus on the soft skills that will benefit your frontline.

Continuous improvement

Lastly, partnering with computer based training companies to deliver training to your frontline sets the stage for your business to experience growth and continuous improvement. Why? It’s a fool-proof solution to ensure your training is up-to-date and low maintenance while still being effective. Companies can become even more nimble and empower frontline employees by utilizing training apps for employees to ensure they get the training they need, on any device.

E-learning software also gives you a pulse on your organization as a whole, allowing you to efficiently gather data and analytics on the employees that know your customer base the best. This data is invaluable when planning ahead for organizational change.

Training frontline employees is so important for a number of reasons. It ensures they are on message with your customers, helps with retention, keeps them engaged, and encourages a culture of continuous improvement.  If you do it right, you’ll set yourself up for growth and success long term. Johnny Rose would approve.


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