Why Your Employee Training Software Isn’t Working

This might seem a bit harsh, but here’s the truth—many of your employees hate using your employee training software. I’ve worked at several different companies, and not once have I ever heard a coworker say, “I love using this employee training management software.” Now before you decide to search Google for another post about online training software, let me give you some good news. Productivity, quality, efficiency, and satisfaction are all achievable and measurable with great online training courses for employees. 

Here are three reasons why your employees might not be finding value in your current employee development software, and three more training software features that you should look for to gain positive results. 

What makes training ineffective?

1. Paragraphs on paragraphs

Too much reading can deter even the most motivated employees. A text-heavy training module can sometimes make employees feel overwhelmed. This especially affects employees who are already strapped for time. In the age of instant gratification, stressed employees require immediate information and results, so monotonous text will lose the learner’s attention. 

2. No training culture 

How often are your employees learning and training? Your company’s learning management system should be part of your organizational culture. Employees should understand that learning comes first because learning this is the foundation of their work. Training should never be a mandatory activity, but a beneficial resource that all employees can access at any time to help them enhance their productivity at work.

3. Lack of mindfulness of employees’ time

Employees have many personal and professional responsibilities. Training shouldn’t force them to miss out on their work duties or time with their family. Good work-life balance leads to happier and healthier employees. A learning LMS is most beneficial when it offers some sort of expected time to completion. This allows your employees to schedule time in-between meetings, lunch, or whenever is convenient for them to complete training. 

Software Features to Get Excited About

1. Flexibility

If you were to survey say 100 employees on what top three things they are looking for in a job or career, I guarantee a common theme would be flexibility. People enjoy having autonomy and adaptability in their roles, so why wouldn’t they want flexibility in their employee training software? Employees can then take lessons and practice on their own schedule. Flexibility also includes having the option to gain access to training from home on a mobile device or while working remotely. An Online employee training platform is a sure-fire way to achieve flexibility in your team’s learning and development.

2. Interactivity

Let’s face it, no one likes to be part of a training that isn’t interactive. There is nothing worse than outdated training with lots of text or long videos. Not to mention, training that is one-sided and does not ask for participation, like a typical free learning management system for business, will not provide the features your employees need for an engaging training. Employees love interactivity and total involvement with their training content. For example, in Lessonly, teams can create fun quizzes, interactive flip cards, knowledge checks, and more to give employees a chance to show what they’ve learned. And last, but not least, add some humor to your training. Learning is always better when you can have fun. 

3. Measurability

Training tools for employees help determine how well participants can perform the skills they receive from training, right? So you would think course evaluation is something that is pretty much universal for all online training systems, but believe it or not, this isn’t always the case. With effective training, teams can use assessments and pre-tests to measure the knowledge and skills that have changed both before and after the training is complete. After a lesson or learning path has been completed, assess whether or not employee behavior or performance changes. A best practice is also to periodically give your employees a video-based practice scenario to complete so you can track their progress over time.

Closing Thoughts

Gone are the days of lackluster employee training software. We’re in a new era of training and enablement where digital training can be engaging, interactive, iterative, and measurable. If your employee training software isn’t working and your team isn’t learning and growing, maybe it’s time to switch to a more dynamic LMS that’ll partner with you to grow your team and maximize the potential of your employees.

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