Give Your Remote Work Fears the Boot: How Tecovas Enables Their Remote Customer Experience Team

Y’all, we’ve got an interview for you that’s better than football season and sweeter than sweet tea. Okay, that was my best stab at being southern, but now it’s time to get western! Meet Allie—she works as a Training Specialist at Tecovas, an Austin-based western company that sells timeless boots, apparel, and leather goods. She spent some time chatting with Karlie from our marketing team about how she’s keeping her customer experience team rocking and rolling during this season of remote work with Lessonly. Here are Allie’s tricks for staying positive and enabling customer experience teams with thoughtful training.

1. Stay creative.

The best training is engaging, personal, and fun, so getting creative is essential—especially when working remotely. So, how does Allie stay creative and build content for her team? She turns to non-work outlets like painting and working out to keep the creative juices flowing. So grab a good book, take a walk, draw, journal, or listen to a podcast to stay inspired and equipped with fresh ideas.

2. Be human.

Most things feel pretty complicated right now, so anything we can do as trainers and enablers to make things more simple and more human is a win. In Allie’s lessons, she’s been hyper-aware of what she says, how she says it, and the resources she gives her learners in case they need additional training. Clarity and support are both key ingredients for successful remote enablement.

3. Hug your customers—virtually, of course.

We’re all in this together. Great remote enablement looks like first focusing on your own team and then intentionally focusing on your customers. Letting customers know you have their back, even with a thoughtful note, simple gift, or quick phone call, is like giving them a virtual hug. And, those go a long way coming from customer experience managers and support reps.

4. Bring home what you love about work.

At Tecovas, they play country music and have Topo Chicos in the fridge around the clock. Make home feel like work by creating little reminders of your office’s culture—and encourage your team to do the same! 

5. Leverage the Ask the Expert and Events features in Lessonly.

For most every question or challenge at work, there is someone who knows the answer. And working remotely doesn’t have to be a reason to stay in the dark. Allie and her team have been using the Ask the Expert feature to lean on subject matter experts for direction and clarity in different lessons and paths. Her team has also been relying on the Events feature to track who’s coming to different training events and who’s actively working to make Tecovas’ customer experience training program even more robust.

Final Thoughts

With an emphasis on being human, a commitment to creativity, and a reliance on Lessonly, remotely training a customer experience team is so much simpler. Allie, if you’re reading this, know that we’re thankful for your insights and being on your team is a huge joy. Thanks for leading your team in Better Work!

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