Better Customer Experiences Through Practice

Lessonly for Zendesk brings training and practice directly into Zendesk, enabling customer service teams to learn new information, hone their skills, and drive better support. The result? One extraordinary customer experience.

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Train in One Place

Bring the full Lessonly experience inside of Zendesk so agents and reps can find the training they need, right when they need it.

Practice What Matters

Create practice opportunities in Lessonly based on real Zendesk support ticket data and enable managers to offer helpful feedback.

Boost Team Confidence

Rehearse real-world job scenarios in a safe environment, so reps are prepared to delight customers when it matters most.

Lessonly + Zendesk = Customer Service Nirvana

Leading teams find peace of mind with powerfully simple training

The Headspace Customer Support Team create training scenarios in Lessonly based on real Zendesk support tickets—so every team member can practice thoughtful ticket handling.

Thrive Market helps 500,000+ people find healthier and affordable products. Their rapidly growing customer service team uses Lessonly and Zendesk to create exceptional member experiences.

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As the #16 most-used mobile app in the U.S., Ibotta’s customer service team uses Lessonly and Zendesk together to streamline onboarding and ongoing training for 100+ remote agents.

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