How New Employee Onboarding Software Builds Next-Level Confidence in Teams

What are the benefits of employee onboarding software? Employee onboarding software empowers companies to train new hires in a way that increases accountability, speeds up ramp time, and boosts new hire confidence efficiently and comprehensively. 

Picture this. You are attending your friend’s college debate competition and are there solely for support. All of a sudden, the announcer calls your name onto the stage and asks you to step in for a competitor. If you’re like me, you’d panic a little bit. Sure, you know how to debate and you have opinions on certain topics, but you probably wouldn’t feel prepared enough to compete and succeed in a competition with little notice, right? Now, this situation would probably only happen the day pigs fly, but it’s a similar feeling to how new employees can feel when they start a brand new job without being provided with the best employee onboarding experiences. 

While being thrown into a debate competition with little notice doesn’t normally happen, a new employee feeling like a deer in the headlights (or in Lessonly’s case, a llama in the headlights) during their first week of work is super common. 

Now, as a leader you may be thinking, “Duh, obviously I would make sure to onboard my employees and get them up and running.” But this is far easier said than done. It’s how you approach the onboarding process and the quality of that onboarding that matters. 

Let’s talk benefits

There are many benefits of employee onboarding software and TONS of choices out there. From Talentlms, Bamboohr, Docebo, and Coggno, the options are legitimately endless! Each one of these learning platforms brings their own creative flair and targets a niche audience, but with so many choices in the online training software world, you may be wondering what the benefits are for you and your team. 

Increased accountability

Well, wonder no longer. In my opinion, best-in-class onboarding programs are the ones that have threads of accountability woven throughout them. All leaders should be able to tap into the software, see exactly who has and has not completed their onboarding, and identify what stage of the process everyone is in. This way, leaders can see who has learned the information new hires will need to perform their job to the best of their ability. This can create a great feedback loop for your team as well as hold each other accountable.

Quicker ramp time

My favorite thing about e-learning software is the ability to reduce ramp time for your team! In a perfect world, each new rep or agent would complete their onboarding and immediately start hitting the quota and goals you’ve set for them. Realistically, this won’t happen without a thorough onboarding plan on your end. We’ve seen it here at Lessonly with our employees starting in their new roles and being shocked with how fast they got up and running, all while feeling confident. I know from personal experience, when I started at Lessonly, I was expecting to have weeks of onboarding and sit in a classroom for hours each day trying my best to retain information because that’s what I experienced in my previous jobs. I love this quote from Robert Luther who says, “Our onboarding/training program went from 5 full days down to 2.5”.  This is exactly what a great onboarding software should do for your team, too.

Boosted confidence

Last but not least, let’s talk about confidence. I’ve never felt more confident moving into a role than I did when I started at Lessonly. Every piece of my onboarding experience was specifically curated to my job, all while clueing me in on general company knowledge as well. When reps and agents feel confident in their role because of great employee training software, they will naturally perform at a higher rate and crush their quotas from the start. Think back to the example at the beginning with the debate competition. That person, of course, wouldn’t feel confident being thrown into a situation without proper preparation. That lack of confidence is what makes them perform lower than their potential.

Overall, in order to create a confident, goal-crushing atmosphere in your company, make sure you are investing in new employee onboarding software. This will end the deer in the headlights look and have your team strutting into their job with confidence like this.

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