3 Stories of Frontline Teams Changing the Game with a Learning Content Management System

I don’t know about you, but I never overcomplicate things. 

I can’t even type that with a straight face. I’m a human and you are too, and by nature, we make some things way more challenging than they need to be. Thankfully though, hundreds of software tools exist to simplify the massive quantities of data and information we juggle at work. One of those tools I use (and have the privilege of watching hundreds of other teams use) is a learning content management system. Based on the three stories below, I’d argue that there’s no learning management system comparison when Lessonly is in the mix, but don’t take my word for it. Just ask…

1. Trunk Club

Trunk Club Training Lead Lisa Zender once told us, “I don’t think there is such a thing as a typical day or week here. Every day is different. Our schedules are always changing. We are constantly working with our sales team to help get them up and running, train them, support them, and develop them.” Lisa’s words here are relatable; work for busy teams is ever-evolving, and staying aligned isn’t easy.

Effectively onboarding new reps and continuously training seasoned ones  often feels like a chore or more of a “have to” than a “get to” type of task at work. But Trunk Club found engagement and stability with the training they housed in our learning management system (LMS) software, despite their changing work culture and circumstances. Before Lessonly, Trunk Club used a blend of in-person training, binders, and Google docs to store their information. Now, their stylists and customer support and sales teams  use Lessonly’s learning management system to simply learn, practice, and perform.

2. U.S. Cellular

We also asked our friend Lindsay Young from U.S. Cellular about her experience prior to  using Lessonly as their learning content management system. She said, “It took so much time for our leaders to learn the information, distribute it out to their teams, and compete with different schedules—especially in our care centers and with frontline sales associates in store environments.” Speed and agility are essential at enterprise organizations like U.S. Cellular.. And like Lindsay said, her life sans-LMS was one where leaders and managers didn’t have the most up-to-date information to share with their team. The result? Teams started feeling siloed from one another, and everyone developed their own best practices but had no way to effectively share them with others.

Everything changed when the company introduced a more customized education content management system. Instead of enablement specialists sending off lengthy documents to managers that often went unread,, U.S. Cellular’s content creators use images, videos, GIFs, flipcards, and quizzes to meaningfully engage their associates. And it’s working. Now 99% of U.S. Cellular employees complete the training their managers assign to them in Lessonly.

3. OutboundEngine

Last but not least, we’ve watched OutboundEngine consolidate and organize their training content into bite-sized, engaging lessons that benefit the 10,000+ customers their reps support and serve. 

Jimmy Miller, the Director of Training and Development at OutboundEngine, told us that, “We needed to make sure that, by the time [new reps] got on the floor, they were confident with the UI and UX of everything they’re going to use.” By moving training from lectures to something more hands-on like Lessonly, he was able to create training that accurately mimicked the experience of doing the job, all within the learning management system. Examples of OutboundEngine’s success with Lessonly range from the ability to truly measure the impact their training is having on CSAT to NPS to retention to morale.

Three of thousands

These are just three of thousands of stories we’ve heard from learners and leaders who are changing the game for their teams with thoughtful training and a simple learning management system login. We’re not a free online learning management system, but if you ask Trunk Club, U.S. Cellular, or OutboundEngine, great training is worth every penny, and we’re lucky to be part of their stories.

Think your team could use Lessonly? We think so, too. 

Building a world-class team takes both learning and practice, and Lessonly helps teams do both. Click here to get a quick look at what we do, or if you’re not sure about us yet, here are 5 things you should know about Lessonly!

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