3 Ways to Supercharge Your Workplace Training with Lessonly

Workplace training comes in all shapes and sizes. From workplace safety training programs to HR, training topics for supervisors are expanding, and that can make it hard to find the perfect way to present your training. Here are some tips for taking your pre-existing training material to the next level with Lessonly, without completely rebuilding your training program.

Make it interactive

Adding interactive elements can turn your training into something fun! Training topics that typically cause employees’ eyes to glaze over become exciting with the addition of things like videos, flip cards, and knowledge checks.

Interactivity turns your plain list of training programs for employees into an engaging lesson plan that keeps teams growing and improving. For example, try taking some information from a paragraph and adding it to a flip card to change it from a piece of text to an appealing, bite-sized piece of content for your learner.

Build for improvement

As lesson creators, we sometimes forget that the people reading our lessons don’t always have the background and understanding that we do. If we treat learners as the driving force for improvement to training and development, we can build better lessons that continuously improve over time. Let’s say you are building out some behavioral training topics for employees. We might start by building out the bones of the lesson: adding in text, maybe a few pictures, and some questions at the end. Once we have the lesson built out, we can add a Lesson Expert—someone that can answer questions and receive feedback on what could be improved.

Learners can then submit feedback about sections of text or ask questions about the lesson as a whole. As more feedback comes in, it becomes clearer which parts of the experience aren’t working, and we can update the lesson to work better in those places. Using these tools, we can build a workplace training network, supporting the creation of great content with feedback from the people closest to it!

Share success

Often, the difference between fun training topics and boring ones can come down to how learners feel engaged by the material. One great way to improve engagement is to share the success your team is having by highlighting what’s working. For example, let’s say you have a learner that’s just completed a long path on workplace safety training programs. You might share success by giving that person a shoutout at your next company meeting, shooting them an email, or even making them one of the Lesson Experts! Workplace safety is hard, but letting people help their peers is a great way to cement complex learning with your learners.

Another great option? Make learners training confidants within your organization. The next time you are trying to come up with topics for training sessions, consider who has done well on similar content in the past. Reach out to those folks and ask them where they still have knowledge gaps!

Tying it all together

All too often, when it comes to training and development, companies are stuck creating the same kind of content over and over and not improving the materials they have. Here at Lessonly, we think creating great learning content should be easy, so we’re building these ideas into our software. Training companies that use Lessonly have seen 18% higher scores on customer satisfaction surveys. Regardless of the software that you use, next time you are creating training material, think about making it interactive, continuing to iterate, and sharing success along the way!

Ready to find a training solution you love?

We’re ready for that, too. With Lessonly’s powerfully simple training software, frontline teams train, practice, and perform like pros because they’re continuously equipped with the tools they need to Do Better Work.

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