How Employee Onboarding Software Brings Consistency, Time Management, and Engagement to Life

Exactly two years ago in January of 2018, I had the privilege of kicking off my year with a brand new job at Lessonly. New year, new job—talk about a fresh start!

According to my LinkedIn news feed as of late, there’s no doubt plenty of employees are starting their 2020 with a new role, too. If you’re an employer, you might even be bringing onboard an entire new hire class soon. 

Lots of companies use classic HR employee onboarding platforms like BambooHR or ADP onboarding software. These tools do a great job of running new hires through the required compliance jazz. However, if your online platform isn’t moving past the robotic, automated, “required” onboarding content, there’s likely a training gap you’re not filling.

In my role, I’ve gotten to watch prospects become customers because they’re ready to rethink their onboarding best practices. Usually there are three main areas these folks struggle in that—after implementing a modern onboarding software—are drastically improved. 

1. Consistency

If your onboarding is happening in-person or on an ad-hoc basis, consistency in new hire performance will undeniably vary. Pairing up a new hire with a veteran hire is a great way to get hands-on experience, but time and time again I hear from team leaders that this approach either passes down “bad habits” to new hires, or they end up seeing a talent gap in new hires based on who the manager was that trained them. Onboarding definitely needs human connection, but it also needs consistency and uniformity.

Think about your new employee onboarding checklist. What are the core skills and information your new hires absolutely need to know? Those are the things you should automate and house in a learning management system software. This way, you can ensure all of the necessary information is being taught in the same way no matter where the hire is located or who their manager is.

2. Time Management

In that same vein, I often describe Lessonly as a tool that makes your in-person training time even more valuable. We never advocate removing in-person training from an onboarding model. But, we do encourage companies to be super smart about how they utilize in-person training; not just to ensure consistency, but to make sure managers can still actually do their jobs!

I once spoke with a team whose managers said they spent 75% of their day training new hires. Take your average 8-hour work day, that’s only 2 hours of that manager’s time spent doing their actual job. That’s inefficient and stress inducing for managers in every way.

If you find you or someone on your team is in this same boat, check out this free onboarding checklist template for ways to help give your managers their time back. 

3. Engagement

It’s no secret that many of the free onboarding tools and HR training platforms out there aren’t the most engaging. They often leave learners feeling either overwhelmed or candidly, super bored. But consider this—your new hire’s first 90 days at your company are perhaps the toughest they’re going to experience. You were a new hire once, and I’m sure you know those first few months can be challenging.

We believe training shouldn’t contribute to the already overwhelming experience of being a new hire. Training can be engaging and, dare I say, fun! Use videos, practice, quizzes, and even gifs to keep your new hires engaged with what they’re learning. If your new hire training is largely comprised of sitting folks in front of a PowerPoint presentation for hours at a time, now is the prime time for a training revamp.

Keep these consistency, time management, and engagement in mind as you consider searching for a SaaS onboarding software. You may only need to improve one of these categories, or maybe you’re challenged with improving all of them, but the good news is that with the right tools, these are easy fixes. 

Transform your onboarding process with Lessonly

Lessonly is powerfully simple training software that helps teams learn, practice, and perform like never before. If you’re looking to unite your team with great training and increase consistency, improve time management, and create a more engaging onboarding experience, let’s chat!

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