How to Find the “Right” Learning Management System for You

So much of work and life for me is about learning what it means to get better, grow, and improve. Whether it’s personally or professionally, I’m always striving to be the best version of myself so I can do better work and live a better life. And I don’t think I’m alone in this. Tons of people these days are prioritizing their growth and development, and these personal choices are manifesting themselves in our companies in the best way. There’s a monumental shift happening in workplaces around the world where organizations are putting their focus back on on their greatest asset—their employees.

A Sea of Options

This means there is a huge emphasis on job-functional knowledge, training, and support for a greater employee experience both in and outside of the workplace. For many companies, these programs and journeys start with one simple tool: a learning management system (LMS). Depending on your role and what your day to day looks like, there are plenty of ways to describe an LMS but the Association of Talent Development (ATD) defines the learning management system definition as, “a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.” 

Now with so much attention gravitating to e-learning tools and programs, as you can imagine, there are a number of players in the free learning management system and free cloud based LMS game. Many solutions offer free LMS for teachers or a free learning management system for business, while others offer paid services like TalentLMS and Canvas learning management system. So in this sea of options, how do you find the right management system for you and your team?

Your Team’s Needs

With so many options out there, it’s important to understand your specific needs and what success looks like for you and your learners. This will provide you with greater clarity when it comes to making a grounded learning management system comparison as you get further along in your LMS exploration. 

When it comes to which tool is truly the best learning management system, there is no “right answer” because it all depends on which resource aligns best with your needs and goals. Although this might not provide you with a clear and concise answer, it does lend itself to a strategy and perspective that allows you to evaluate each tool objectively and figure out which is best for you, your team, the learners, and the company. If you’re looking for a good place to start your LMS search, I highly recommend checking out G2 Crowd, which is a free peer-to-peer review site that compares software and services for businesses.

In G2, I highly recommend you check out Lessonly if you’re considering an LMS for your team. Full transparency—I’m biased. I work for Lessonly. But, I also used Lessonly for onboarding when I started here, and I still use it for continuous training today. It gave me a great foundation of knowledge when starting my new role, and it still provides me with value because I have a place to practice, continuously improve my selling tactics, and develop professional skills for my career. One piece of the product I find particularly helpful is the Practice functionality. This feature allows learners to practice real-world scenarios and get immediate feedback for faster skill development and greater clarity from managers or subject matter experts. 

Lessonly is Human

The true value of Practice for me is that it’s a place I can go and “fail” without fear of judgement or scrutiny. I can put in the repetitions I need to gain confidence and experience in my selling, so when it’s game time, I can succeed and be comfortable in front of prospects because I’ve already practiced that interaction. There are a number of other great features and functionalities Lessonly offers that make us an LMS millions of learners love, but what really sets us apart from our competition is our friendly, caring, and supportive team. We all legitimately care about prospects, customers, learners, and each other.

From the start of the buying process, our sales teams listens well and takes time to show prospects and customers the true value of the product if it seems like we’re a good fit for them. From there, our implementation team guides new customers through the launch process so their teams get off to a great start. After launching, customers meet with their experience manager to help them make sure they’re using best practices, getting the most out of our software, and meeting their goals. Finally, we have a services team that’s willing to literally step into each customer’s shoes to help them create content and build a training program that’s engaging, fun, and ultimately successful. But truly, like I mentioned earlier, there is no right answer when it comes to finding the right LMS for you and your team. But starting with a look at Lessonly couldn’t hurt. ?

Ready to find a training solution you love?

We’re ready for that, too. With Lessonly’s powerfully simple training software, teams train, practice, and perform like pros because they’re continuously equipped with the tools they need to support their teams and Do Better Work.

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