Why The Learning Management System Search Is All About Partnership

If you google “learning management system,” you’ll be inundated with 1,130,000,000 search results, which is a beautiful thing. To me, that number means we’re caring more about the way we train teams, how we develop individuals, and how we win together. But this sea of options can also make choosing an LMS more arduous. That fine line between diligent research and analysis paralysis is so hard to navigate with all of the compelling solutions out there.

Learning Management System Definition

But when we zoom out from all of the solutions and boil down what a learning management system is in its most basic form, it’s a software application that supports training programs, learning, and development. While the broad definition may apply to most systems, there are a few things to consider in your learning management system comparison that fall outside of the purview of features and functionalities. If you look for these components, you may narrow that management systems list and find yourself having better conversations with companies who are eager to rally and support your cause. But I’d argue that what you need more than anything is a partner in training. Let me explain. 

Start with your Purpose

When you peel back the features and functionalities you’re envisioning, what’s at the core? You (probably) want the best for your teams and your business. The tricky part? The best solution is fairly subjective, and because of this, it’s important to find the best learning management system for your team. Searching “best lms 2019” might be a start, but the end result might be a list of systems meant to serve different purposes. Starting your search with your purpose in mind, and then seeking out a partner in that endeavor will take you down a much more efficient path. In a world full of options, knowing the problem you’re trying to solve and creating a human connection with someone to help you solve it can make all the difference.

Why Search for Partnership?

There are companies with stellar software and subpar support, and the converse is also true. Partnership is the linchpin to a world-class training program, and the need for it manifests itself when you require support, have questions, or even just want some advice on your program. Our Client Experience team at Lessonly is always delighted to listen and apt to problem solve. 


Having a methodology is kind of like having an address to put in your GPS before you start driving toward your destination. The destination is exciting, and there are lots of ways to get there, but the method is important. The Better Work Method is our North Star at Lessonly. It guides our company culture. It sets the tone for the partnerships we build and the software we’ve created to support them. We’re committed to our Method, and we’re committed to helping each of our partners see Better Work come to life in their own organizations.


Not all learning management systems are created equal. If you’ve started perusing learning management system articles, or even had a few conversations with potential partners, you already know this. The technology behind your new learning system partner is crucial. There are important questions to be asked like:

  • Is it modern? 
  • Will it keep pace with my ever-evolving team and business? 
  • What purpose was this system built to serve? 

Asking yourself, and even potential partners, these questions will help you understand the technology beyond a list of features & functionalities. 

Tying It All Together

So now you’re probably thinking, “how do I find this partner?” A great place to start is with your network. Ask around—what’s working for organizations like yours? Familiarize yourself with their reviews and opinions because there’s almost no better way to gather social proof. Want more evidence or firsthand testimonials? Ask for a reference call. Great partners have users that are excited to share their experiences with others. For a taste of our Llama Community, check out our annual Better Work conference, Yellowship

Learning management system documentation can sometimes fall short of capturing all of the human elements that make a software company a partner and friend. That said, I encourage you to use this list above guide your initial discussions, and push for more than just features as you vet these systems and ultimately choose the perfect solution and partner for your team.

Ready to choose a partner for your training needs?

We’re ready for that, too. With Lessonly’s powerfully simple training software, teams train, practice, and perform like pros because they’re continuously equipped with the tools they need to support their teams and Do Better Work.

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