Raise Your Hand If You Love Online Training Software: How Creating a Community Has Made Our Product 10x Better

You better believe my hand is raised.

First things first, what is online training software? 

You might’ve heard it called an online training system, employee training software, or a learning management system. Or maybe you’ve used a tool like Coggno, Bridge Software, or TalentLMS so you have firsthand experience with online training. Depending on who you are and your past experiences with digital training, you might cringe a little bit and flashback to a time you had to do onboarding training for your job using a stale, boring tool. But let me be the first to say, not all training software is the same! 

At Lessonly, we steer clear of adjectives like “boring” and “stale.” We’re more into “delightful” and “engaging.” As a product designer at Lessonly, I play a large role in making sure our employee training software is just that. But, there would be no way to create delightful software without our customers’ willingness to share their feedback with us. 

I’d like to reveal our not so secret trick to iterating on our product. Here it is—the best way to ensure a product is improving and continuously wow-ing customers is by simply connecting with them. Having conversations. Asking good questions. Ta da! That’s what we do. 

What does this look like in practice?

Here at Lessonly, we have a group of customers we call CAB or “Customer Advisory Board,” and these incredible people have quite possibly the strongest passion for Lessonly outside of actual Lessonly employees. These are the customers that eat, sleep, and breathe Lessonly day in and day out in their roles. They have researched and trialed almost every employee training software on the market, and they strongly believe that Lessonly provides the best online learning for employees. And they help us make sure that statement stays true.

So, how exactly do we connect with and make the most of this amazing group of customers? To fully answer that question, I think this blog post might end up being 10 pages long, so I’ll highlight some of the key strategies. It almost feels odd calling them customers, because they feel more like Lessonly employees. 

One of the best things about our CAB is their willingness to provide product feedback all the time. We gather this feedback through discovery interviews, user testing, in-person workshops, and simple Slack messages in our “LessonlyCAB” Slack channel. They’re always willing to share their thoughts and ideas around how to make our product better. And often they provide insight into other online training solutions they’ve used in the past and how Lessonly compares. The way we show our appreciation for their constant feedback? Listening well and incorporating their fantastic ideas into our product. They love seeing features they suggested come to life because they know they played a part in making it happen. There’s an additional level of ownership and connection when customers see that their feedback makes a difference. 

Create a Community—It’s Worth It

Getting product feedback isn’t the only thing we do with our CAB customers. The group has actually become incredibly close knit and even though they work for companies all around the United States, they lean on one another for topics outside of online employee training. For example, just the other day there was a thread in our CAB Slack channel about how everyone shares success at their company. They share stories about their teams and even personal accomplishments every so often! Because Lessonly strives to build such strong connections both inside and outside of the workplace with customers, we’re able to get that raw, honest feedback from them in order to make our product the best it can be. 

Relationships Matter Most

To bring it full circle, if you start a job somewhere and you learn you’ll be using their online training software all the time, my guess is you’d be less than thrilled. However, if you knew you were utilizing a software built by a company that works hard to befriend their customers and gain rich feedback from them to make their product both delightful and engaging, then you might be in for a surprise when you enter that first training session. You may learn to value online training software as much as I do. Lessonly will always prioritize relationships with our customers because we believe that we’re only as good at building a product as we are at listening, and greatness and Better Work alike come from those relationships. 

Want to learn more about how we Do Better Work?

Over 2 million people around the world train with Lessonly, and you’re invited to join that party. If you’re looking to help your team learn, practice, and perform at their jobs like never before, we can help you make all three happen. Click here to get a quick look at what exactly we do, or if you’re not sure about us yet, here are 5 things you should know about Lessonly!

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