Who Needs the Flu? How Compliance Training Software Makes Training Enjoyable

Fun fact about me—I love games. One of my all-time favorites is called, “Would you rather?”.

If you’re not familiar with “Would you rather?”, one person presents the room with two theoretical options, and everyone gets to pick which they’d prefer. Debates and discussions almost always ensue. Easy enough, right? Here’s what it looks like:

Would you rather sing like Whitney or dance like Beyonce?
No contest. Whitney.

Would you rather go a year with no chocolate or no pizza?
Sans pizza for me.

Would you rather spend two days in an ethics and compliance training intensive or catch the flu?
Honestly, I’d consider the flu.

Hear me out—I’d almost always pick the flu. Not because employee compliance training isn’t valuable, but because in many workplaces, the delivery of this essential information is brutal. We’ve come to expect compliance training to be dense and boring. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The information presented to employees in compliance training courses, while often dry, helps everyone work together legally and ethically. Your workplace compliance training group isn’t going away any time soon, and it shouldn’t. Businesses should operate in ways that comply with the standards of the law and industry regulations. So the question is this—how do we convey complicated, but critical, information in a more interesting way? 

Our answer is employee training software, and we’re not just saying that because we sell online training software. Lots of companies already use an LMS for compliance training, but we provide teams with a comprehensive, engaging learning management system that helps people Do Better Work so they can live better lives. Our product exists to remedy the days of grueling seminars, lengthy documents, and draining workshops. Interactive and adaptable compliance training is possible, regardless of industry, size, or complexity.

Here’s how Lessonly helps teams actually want to comply with compliance training:

1. Interactivity

Compliance training sets employees up to abide by laws, ethics, duties, and regulations. But it only actually happens if everyone is bought in and has a desire to retain that information. 

With massive amounts of legal content to convey comes a massive responsibility to make it memorable. Creating content that’s optimized for micro-learning is one of the best ways to accomplish this. 

In Lessonly, creators build lessons that incorporate video, audio, GIFs, documents, links, our “Ask the Expert” feature, and more. No matter how complex a company’s compliance training topics may be, if lessons are built with these elements, it’s nearly impossible for learners to go through the motions and be disengaged with the content in front of them.

2. Accountability

After exposing employees to compliance content, Lessonly helps managers see what their employees learned and where there may be gaps in their understanding. 

With knowledge checks and quizzes within lessons, creators ensure all learners are on the same page. Interactive training helps with memory, and quizzes only solidify what employees have learned. When learners are held accountable for what they need to know to work compliantly in both their role at the company and in the larger industry, they win, and the company wins, too. 

3. Adaptability 

Processes and procedures constantly change—we live in a world with evolving standards, rules, and laws. Traditional compliance training feels robotic and dated, but with Lessonly’s online training system, learners know they’re taking lessons on the most up-to-date content their companies have to offer. There’s no need to reprint binders full of documents. No need to revamp a workshop’s curriculum. No need to update slides. Just change the info in Lessonly as easily as writing an email.

Who needs the flu?

Here’s the bottom line—it’s hard to bring technical compliance topics to life, but it’s not impossible. Online employee training and development get a whole lot easier with Lessonly because our product keeps up and adapts to the speed of customers’ business. No matter how complicated the topic, teams that use Lessonly’s employee training management software for compliance would pick training over the flu, every single time. 

Revamp your compliance training with Lessonly

Our mission is to help people Do Better Work so they can live better lives. Lessonly helps hundreds of teams do this with our training authoring software and customized learning paths. With great onboarding, continuous training, and employee engagement, teams can’t help but thrive. Lessonly could be your team’s secret weapon. Take a tour today.

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