The Benefits of Online Learning for Your Busy Teams

How many times a day do you have an exchange like this at work?

You: “Hey, friend. How’s your day?”

Friend: “Busy. I’m doing X, Y, and Z today.”

This kind of interaction is pretty commonplace, right? You can interchange the word “busy” with “stressed,” and it sort of has the same effect. As a society, we’re busy. We’re stressed. The things we need to do in a given day live in the forefront of our minds, and when we’re not careful, those to-do lists dominate our conversations.

We’re jugglers.

This hasn’t just been my experience with colleagues and friends, either. Companies we work with at Lessonly are incredibly busy. Leaders of sales organizations are balancing the development and retention of their account executives while forecasting at the same time. Call center directors are pursuing positive change for their agents, but they also have to service the customer needs that arise each day.

This manifests itself with an extreme level of multitasking between our computers, phones, and in-person interactions. It’s intense. And amidst all of this, our need for training is on the rise. Competitive landscapes change, products and features are launched, priorities shift, and without clarity and understanding, we struggle to stay afloat. Thus, more stress. 

Stay afloat.

To keep up with the rate of change in business and the pace employees are looking to access and consume information, many are turning to virtual training solutions that allow on-demand learning for modern teams. At this point, you might be asking yourself, “What is online education?”  or, “are online classes effective?”

To answer those questions, I first want you to think about this—you are accessing this very blog post virtually. In many ways, you’re already reaping the benefits of online learning

There are tons of advantages of e learning, but if you’re not convinced quite yet, here are a few reasons why online learning is good (maybe even imperative) for your busy team:

1. Meet your learners where they are.

Put simply, online training allows you to meet your learners where they are. Between the demands of their roles in their professional lives and personal lives, your learners are doing a major balancing act. However, never far from reach is their computer and/or phone. Technology is already incorporated in their balancing act, so taking advantage of the flexibility of online education reduces the barrier between your learners and the information they need to succeed. 

2. Track what’s working and change what’s not.

One of the key benefits of online courses vs. in-person or ad-hoc sessions is you get to track what’s working, and quickly iterate on what is not. With the right system in place, you can see how your training is landing with your learners, identify where they need help, and gauge what needs improvement from either a skill or training material perspective. With the right insights, you’ll all Do Better Work. 

3. Online training allows you to be human. 

Have you ever had a long conversation, and forgotten half of it? Have you sat through a webinar, dozed off for a few seconds, and missed the key concept? Have you ever lost a training binder immediately after new employee orientation? I’m guessing most people would answer “yes” to at least one of those questions, and that’s okay because we’re human. Online training that you can reference as needed allows you to forget and re-learn, as we humans need to do. Set your own learning pace, pursue information in your moment of need, and allow the advantages of online learning to wash the stress away.

If reading this made you think, “Wow, I need to change my training process,” Lessonly is here to help. With over 800 customers seeing the benefits of online learning for adults, we would love to assist you in creating a world-class training program.

Lessonly—the training software for busy teams

Lessonly is powerfully simple training software that helps teams learn, practice, and perform like never before. If you’re looking to unite your team with great training, easy-access to information, and better communication, let’s talk. We’d love to Do Better Work with you. Learn more and demo Lessonly today.

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