A Love Letter to e-Learning Software: 4 Reasons We’re Head Over Heels for Online Training

It’s not everyday you get to read a love letter. And it’s definitely not every day you get to read one that’s written to an e-learning platform. So, enjoy. But also, brace yourself.

Dear e-Learning software,

We probably don’t say it enough, but we really like you. 

Seriously—our lives are significantly better with you in the picture. You’re smart and fully invested in our growth and development. You gently correct us when we’re wrong. You teach us how to do better work, and for that, we’re forever grateful. 

Here are four reasons why we’re your biggest fans. 

1. You respect our timing.

Traditional training—think workshops, sessions, and slide decks—often feels burdensome and inconvenient, rather than important and essential. Why? Because great training adapts to the needs and schedules of already busy teams. 

With you, e-Learning software, we can train and learn at our own pace, whenever and wherever we want. We get more value from  training, because it’s always accessible and available when we need it most. With a great learning management system, all sorts of training content is available to us— interactive flipcards, videos, knowledge checks, video practice tools, and more are ready for use, whenever it’s most convenient. Thanks for being flexible and understanding.

2. You embrace what we say.

Not only are you an articulate software, you’re great at listening, too. With your open source e-learning authoring tools, anyone—not just trainers, leaders, or instructional designers—can create content for a team, send it your way, and you embrace it. You keep it organized and engaging. It’s easy for employees to learn and grow because your e-learning tools are thoughtfully designed to maximize clarity. Thanks for embracing and simplifying whatever words and processes come your way, no matter how complicated they may be.

3. You include remote team members.

For those of us working on a team remotely, your e-learning programs make us feel like we’re right there with everyone else. You help remote employees feel less lost or excluded. If a remote employee can’t remember exactly where to find that one-pager they’d love to send to a prospect or they don’t remember exactly how to do XYZ process, they have a place to go because of you—they don’t have to track down someone in the main office. You make remote employees self-sufficient because you house this information and make it easy to find. Every piece of information they need to succeed at their job can be stored in the LMS. Thanks for making us all feel like part of the team, no matter where we live.

4. You take learning personally, too.

Our biggest concern about using e-learning authoring software for training was that we’d lose the humanity in learning. We thought we’d stop asking clarifying questions because there wouldn’t always be a person right in front of us. We thought engagement would go down. Well, we were wrong.

Online training and learning is surprisingly personal and adaptable. With Lessonly’s learning management system, creators build interactive lessons with pictures, videos, checkpoints, chat boxes, and other practice tools that make teammates learners rather than just observers. We get to participate in our learning experience, rather than sitting back with content going in one ear and out the other. 

Also, you help us send the right training to the right people. No two people require the exact same onboarding or continued development when it comes to e-learning software tools, so managers can customize and assign relevant lessons to whoever needs it most.

All this to say, thank you. Free e-learning software has nothing on you. You’re worth every penny. 

Forever learning from you,

E-learning software fans everywhere

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