Great Corporate Training Software Can Help Your Fantasy Football Stats. I Promise.

Full disclosure: I am not your typical football fan. The last time I was really aware of what was current in the National Football League, Steve Young was leading my beloved San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl. I couldn’t tell you what year it was, or any other player on the team (was Jerry Rice there?), I just know they won. Sure, I like Super Bowl parties as much as the next guy, but I’m more of a “What a great commercial!” or “Why isn’t there more guacamole?” fan than a “FB West Right Slot 372 Y Stick is the optimal play in this short yardage goal line situation” fan. And yes, I had to google that. 

When it comes to Fantasy Football, I’m even less invested. When a spot recently opened up in a fantasy league formed by some college friends from music school (told you I wasn’t the typical fantasy footballer), and I was invited to join, I had a decision to make. It seems like fantasy football is almost a religion among some of my friends and colleagues, so I said, “Why not? Let’s see what the hype is all about.”

As I was doing my research, preparing for the season ahead, it occurred to me that my experience with learning management systems and designing effective learning programs had a lot of interesting parallels with being a great fantasy football manager. 

There are three items on my mind. Let me break them down.

1. Good online corporate training needs to be delivered in an employee’s moment of need. 

Two weeks ago, when I wasn’t signed up for this league, I didn’t need to know Todd Gurley is an intriguing pick for RB1, but some troubling off-season injury reports mean I might be better off going with Saquan Barkley. Now, I do. 

Think about this in terms of a sales team—if I’m a Sales Development Rep about to start prospecting clients in a new industry, my training platform needs to provide me with information about that, not about our vacation policies. If I’m a rep in a busy call center, I might only have five minutes to brush up on my knowledge about that new product launch. I can’t be wasting time wading through some outdated, leather-helmet-era course management system. If the right information isn’t delivered at the right time, then it’s not the right information. 

2. Information on my employee training management software needs to be up to date.

In a football season things are changing all the time. Injuries, trades, bye weeks, suspensions, and more can wreak havoc on your line-up. In order to be a successful player this season, I’m going to need the latest updates on my roster and potential players. If I start Andrew Luck and he’s out with shoulder issues again, I’m going to lose!

Let’s apply this to the business world—what happens when you name-drop that client that’s no longer a client? What happens when your learning management system software contains outdated pricing and your star sales rep sells $100k worth of services for $25k? When it comes to providing key information, your learning platform should be easy to update, and full of the right information. 

3. Training software needs to be specific to me and my role. 

There’s a lot to know out there. I don’t need to know the total occupancy of Arrowhead Stadium. I don’t need to know Tom Brady’s diet this week, and I don’t need to know about that Eagles fan that punched a police horse. Or the second Eagles fan to punch a horse. (Okay, maybe I needed to know about that one, but you get my point). 

If I’m on the sales team, do I need to know about our incident response protocol for digital security breaches? If I’m a customer service agent, does it make sense for me to understand the long term, 10-year strategic vision for our company? It might help me to know in the long run, but it’s not essential knowledge that helps me do better work right now. 

With these three things in mind, I’m charging into this fantasy football season ready to rock. If you’re in the midst of a learning management system comparison and you’re looking for something that does all three (and more!), I’d recommend you check Lessonly out. After all, when it comes to employee training software, there’s a lot of choices out there. You could put together a list of online learning platforms ranging in quality from the 1972 Dolphins to my little brother’s Pop Warner team!

If you want to give me fantasy football tips, help me brush up on my play-calling abilities, or talk about Lessonly, you can find me at

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