4 Perfect Situations for Computer Based Training Software

The right training goes a long way for any job.

No matter where I work, I always expect there to be a thorough and comprehensive training process. It shows that the business is professional and that they truly care about training everyone properly.However, there are some instances when an extensive, in-person training process isn’t necessary. Here at Lessonly, we believe that there are certain situations where it’s very beneficial to provide computer based training software as a supplement to in-person training. This ensures that the employee and employer are always on the same page and that everyone is well-equipped for the new gig or new changes within the company. Here are four situations where computer based training development software is a great supplement to in-person training.

When there’s a Remote Team

In today’s world, remote employees are very common. A remote workforce opens up the door to millions of candidates from all walks of life. But even though this team isn’t located in the office, they still need to be trained properly. That’s where employee training management software comes into play. While it’s always best to get the employee into the office for in-person training, an online employee training platform is very effective for those remote team members. However, it’s vital to choose the right software.

Here at Lessonly, we offer state-of-the-art interactive training software that is suited for remote employees. Our user-friendly, highly sophisticated tools allow you to customize training content for all of your team members. Whether you’re onboarding a new employee or training an existing one on a new process, Lessonly makes it easy for your staff to learn no matter where they’re located.

When there are Multiple Locations

Another situation that is very common today is to have employees located at a variety of locations. In fact, some businesses have dozens of offices across the globe. While some companies fly their employees to a certain location to complete training, a simple alternative involves utilizing web based training software. This makes it extremely easy for employees to receive the proper training. 

Lessonly makes it easy. We even provide amazing features like webcam recording, quizzes, and feedback functionality to engage with teammates across every office. Additionally, managers and trainers even have the opportunity to customize training modules specifically geared towards a certain office or business location.

When Product or Service Updates Are the Norm

In this day and age with technology changing by the second, many businesses struggle to keep up. From products to services, many businesses offer new options or features very frequently. But while this can be exciting for a business, it means that employees must be trained on these new products or services—and trained quickly. Without the right training process in place, your company could lose out on staying ahead of change. That being said, it’s vital to provide the right training resources so your team can stay knowledgeable about what’s new. That means you need software that can keep up.

Lessonly makes it super simple to create interactive training lessons quickly. While other platforms are tough to maneuver around, Lessonly allows you to design the right training materials in minutes, not days. This is especially important if your business continues to roll out new products or services on a frequent basis.

When you Want a Culture of Learning

Another instance where interactive online learning software can be very beneficial is when you’re trying to create a learning culture within your business. While there are some employees out there who don’t really enjoy learning and training, others are always itching to work on their craft and improve their skills. However, sometimes they don’t have time or don’t know where to find the right training resources. That’s where online employee training and development software can help.

If you want to establish a learning culture, Lessonly is the platform you need. Instead of boring training resources, Lessonly focuses on providing training content that employees actually enjoy. Instead of utilizing free online training software that lacks features and capabilities, Lessonly provides a user-friendly environment that employees love. And the best part is that every piece of training is available on-demand. Instead of finding times when every employee can participate in training, they can work around their own schedule to find training resources that are suited for their needs.

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